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Founded as a web journal in 2014, People’s Review provides an in-depth critical analysis of Indian politics, economy, foreign policy, gender, society, etc. As a non-partisan online publication, People’s Review strives to publish truth derived from facts and attempts to set new standards in online people’s journalism.

Based in Asansol, West Bengal, People’s Review also provides new perspectives to news and narratives published by the mainstream media. Our writers come from all walks of life and provide alternative views and advocates sustainable solutions to ongoing issues affecting the lives of the people.

As a public-funded initiative, we seek the readers’ support to grow. To assist us in providing brave, honest and in-depth analysis of all trending topics, you can support us in three ways:

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People’s Review’s Editorial Board

People’s Review‘s Editorial Board is an all-women board, one of the finest examples of setting the gender score right in the alternative media universe.

Dr Iram Rizvi:  Dr Rizvi is a Kashmiri living in NCR. She earned her MA in Mass Communication & Journalism in 2006 from MERC, Kashmir University. She did her PhD in Journalism from MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, in 2014. Apart from academic qualifications, she has worked as a reporter in local English dailies of Kashmir. She regularly contributes articles and columns to various online news organisations and newspapers. She has also written some incredible pieces for People’s Review.

Pritha Chakrabarti: Pritha has completed her PhD in Cultural Studies and currently teaches at Symbiosis University. She is from West Bengal and has spent 12 years in Hyderabad. Currently, Pritha is living and working in Pune. She is an ex-journalist from the Times of India and likes to call herself a Marxist.

Surabhi Singh: Surabhi is a journalist who has worked in the print media for an English daily, The Hitavada, for 11 years. She is a Research Associate with HNLU and has worked as a gender expert with Oxford Policy Management Limited. She has also worked as Regional Communication Officer with Oxfam. At present, she is working with The New York Times as an Editorial Associate. She is also a consultant with Help Age India.

Purpose and legal compliances

People’s Review is not published as part of a systematic business, professional or commercial activity and hence, under sub section (t) of section 2 of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology notification, G.S.R. 139(E), dated February 25th 2021, it is not a ‘publisher of news and current affairs content’.

People’s Review is a non-profit online initiative that publishes analysis and reviews of news and information already in the public domain and those it deems necessary to publish without violating any law of the land. Our purpose is to raise people’s political awareness and inform them about issues of public interest.

For any grievances, feedback or any other information, please contact us by writing to write2us@peoplesreview.in