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People’s Review is a blog that provides in-depth critical analysis of Indian politics, economy, foreign policy, science and technology, and society. As a non-partisan web platform, People’s Review strives to publish the truth derived from analysis of facts and attempts to set new standards in web journalism. At a time when the mainstream media is engulfed by big corporations and news is no more sold, but created to serve a specific purpose and build perception on behalf of big corporate houses and banks, we are determined to neither sell journalism nor the ethos connected with the profession.

By using facts to reach the destination of truth, People’s Review is determined to set new standards in honest, alternative, anti-establishment, and fearless journalism of India and make the medium powerful and popular. The only way the purpose of honest journalism can achieve success in defeating the corporate and banking finance capital owned large media houses and their propaganda machinery is by spreading and sharing the truth, supported by facts, evidence, and figures. It is imperative now that the journalists and the people, who subscribe to democratic values and ethics, join hands to build up a strong alternative media movement, of which People’s Review is an integral part.

People’s Review was founded in April 2003 when the corporate media joined the chorus of the US establishment led by George W Bush and supported its Iraq aggression by manipulating facts and by publishing biased news about Iraqi government led by Saddam Hussein. What started as a printed bulletin pasted on the walls of different small towns, the People’s Review portal started its operation from 2014 while the site was launched formally in May 2015. Being young and vibrant, People’s Review is one of the few media portals that refuse to confine itself within preset boundaries and always attempts to expand the scope of activities to reach out to people in more ways than one.

Managed by a small team of journalism enthusiasts, including former and present employees of corporate media houses, rookie techno geeks, students, and full-time activists, this portal provides content to the readers. The articles are not prepared after consulting “politically correct” editors and pipe smoking experts sitting in state-of-the-art offices, the articles are not written keeping in view what their repercussions can be or what sort of troubles they may bring, and we don’t keep the interest of our advertisers as supreme when we publish something.

For us, the source of revenue, i.e. the money required to keep the servers on, to pay the electricity bills, to buy photographs, to shoot videos, or to simply travel to collect facts for articles, comes either through generous donations from readers like you, friends and well-wishers, or from referral programmes. We don’t accept money in return of influence on our editorial policies. We always encourage our readers to donate so that we can keep the show on. As we are not registered with the FCRA, thus, we don’t accept foreign donations.

This website is the third version of our website after the previous two succumbed to severe hacking attempts by those powers who didn’t like the type of articles we publish. We are eager to forge rock-solid ties with those volunteers who can help us in keeping this website alive and assist in its growth through their contributions, intellectual as well as financial.

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