Submission of articles to People’s Review is quite simple. We publish articles on politics, economy, society, foreign affairs, art and culture, science and technology, campus updates, and everything else that affects the lives and livelihood of the people. Our endeavour is to provide a non-partisan view and publish articles that critically analyse facts and figures to reach the truth. The political orientation of the writers doesn’t matter, the content of the articles does; if the articles are backed up by well-researched facts and figures then they will be published by People’s Review. If the writers are able to put up very strong arguments in favour of their opinion, we will publish their articles to start discussion and debates on those points even if they contradict the official viewpoint of People’s Review editorial team.

All articles, including guest columns, must be sent to with the subject line: Article SubmissionYour Article Title

Submission Guidelines:

a) The articles must be sent to us as a soft copy, we don’t accept any hard copy of articles. We need the articles in doc, docx, odt, sxw, and rtf format. We don’t accept PDFs. You can also share editable link of Google Docs through email and our team will edit and publish if it’s accepted.
b) The articles must be within 2100 words, we don’t publish articles longer than 2100 words
c) The minimum words in an article should be 750 words
d) We only publish those articles that were not published anywhere else, we don’t re-publish articles
e) The document must have been filtered through at least two revisions by the author; we will do an extensive proofreading and if there are too many errors, in language, style, or grammar, we will discard the articles
f) Every article must contain a short description of the article in less than 50 words and must also contain a short author bio and Twitter handle (preferred)
g) Relevant copyright-free high-resolution photograph along with an article will be appreciated

We don’t and we won’t publish articles that:

a) Spreads hatred against any community, race, caste, creed, nationality, or ethnic groups with clear intention of maligning them or use stereotypes
b) Promotes violence, terrorism, bigotry, religious fundamentalism, superstitions, or popular myths
c) Does government propaganda, attempts to whitewash human rights violation, advocates on behalf of exploitation on oppressed people and communities, promotes neo-liberal economic agenda, or advocates in favour of anti-poor policies formulated on behest of IMF-WTO-World Bank Troika
d) Does political propaganda on behalf of any specific political party, advocates on behalf of any political party’s agenda, ask readers to vote for any specific political party or tries to build favourable perception on behalf of any political party’s
e) Promotes dangerous traits like xenophobia, jingoism and chauvinism, or advocates on behalf of any fascist political agenda
f) Does PR activity on behalf of corporate houses and their subsidiaries, product promotion, business reporting, stock market speculations, or any type of activity that can be termed as pro-corporate measures
g) Doesn’t carry enough information about the author, like their name (pen name at least) and their short bio along with a Twitter handle (preferred)
h) Violates copyright, are simply plagiarism or violates intellectual property rights wilfully

People’s Review will copyright your work to you and will allow people to quote your work with due credit to you. We provide username and password for authors who are regular contributors and they can save their draft in the CMS and we will publish the same after editing.

People’s Review is a non-profit entity working solely on contributions from our team members and supporters, we won’t be able to pay anything for the articles. However, the authors may use a specific hyperlink from us to showcase their portfolio on People’s Review. We don’t hire people simply because we are not in a position to pay salaries to staff like corporate media houses.

People’s Review also publishes book reviews and we encourage young and new authors to send us the link of their books available on the web and we will do a critical review of their book and also we can assist them in selling their books.

Lastly, in a country where only the rich and super-rich can access higher education, which is becoming an expensive commodity like an iPhone these days, we at People’s Review don’t care about your academic credentials, the length of your degrees, or the universities that you studied in. We publish your articles if they worth it and for us, you will be a valuable author if your argument is strong, logical, and supported with evidence and facts.

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Payment from outside India is not accepted now as we are not registered under the FCRA