Beef ban is the Blanket on the Failures of the Modi Government

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The cow, an innocent and herbivorous animal otherwise, is now threatening immense bloodshed in India, with the RSS affiliates all up in ante to drive violent campaigns against cow eaters, especially those belonging to the Muslim and Christian communities.

Historic data, along with the reference of religious scriptures prove beyond doubt that the ancient Hindus used to consume cow meat alike any other civilisation on earth, however, the growth of Brahminic despotism, along with the prominence of the vegetarian trading communities in the religion slowly turned the Hindus of the upper Gangetic planes of India into cow worshippers. The issue of the cow had remained the principal point of the rift between the two prominent communities of the country, the majority Hindus and the minority Muslims and Christians. Since the partition of the country following the British imperialist design of ‘Two Nation’ theory, the Hindu extremist organisations has turned quite aggressive over years on the issue of cow protection and in inciting hatred against beef consuming population.

Driven with the Brahminist vision of fascism, the Indian state over years have made the cow sacrosanct, banned its meat consumption in several provinces, mostly in what is known as the ‘cow belt’ of India, the North Indian Gangetic planes and Western India. However, the people of Eastern and North Eastern part of India continues to devour the delicacies made from cow meat, which is causing utmost discomfort among the rank and file of the present dispensation of the BJP, a mass organisation of the saffron terror outfit, RSS.

The recent gruesome lynching of a Muslim man near the capital city of Delhi by a cow worshipping mob, who accused the victim of slaughtering and eating a cow, caused a massive uproar all over the nation, very soon after the Maharashtra government led by Devender Fadnavis of BJP banned beef sale and consumption in the province. It seems like the judiciary, manned mostly by upper caste elite Hindus, have joined the fray to implement the vision of a vegetarian and non-beef consuming nation of the RSS. Recently, the Jammu & Kashmir High Court has objected to the Kashmiri Muslims consuming beef and banned the sale and slaughter of cow in Kashmir by enacting a reactionary law framed by the erstwhile Hindu monarchy of Kashmir. Followed by the same verdict, the Himachal Pradesh High Court has ordered the Central Government to enact a law to protect the cow all over the nation, as it is attached with ‘religious sentiments’ of the majority community and called for the government to spend money from public exchequer on cow protection and shelter, whilst millions of poor Indians goes to bed in a semi-starving condition each night. Going few steps ahead, Manohar Lal Khattar, the Chief Minister of Haryana, a province notorious for its caste oppressions and women enslavement, called the Muslims of the country to discard beef consumption if they want to live in India. The media kept on preaching these lines of the courts and the ministers, empowered by the Modi dispensation of saffron fascists, who kept on threatening the minority community and forced the latter to adopt a food habit which the former approves.

It is evident that the people are barred from questioning the logics behind the cow worshipping cult, behind the illogical verdicts of the courts, or why the nation reeling under severe poverty and agrarian crisis should focus on cow protection rather than protecting the peasants whose livelihood has aggravated over the years, thanks to the prominence of feudal production relations and the advent of neo-liberal economic policies that buttress feudalism for the cause of its own expansion. The cow is no more an animal; it is more of a blanket which is used to conceal the rapid exploitation of the corporate capital, the plunder of the nation and its resources by foreign monopoly capital and the unholy nexus between the Indian government and the US led foreign monopoly capital bloc.

The blanket of the cow will be used repeatedly by the riot mongers, the saffron RSS-BJP-VHP activists to divert the attention of the masses from its total failure to deliver any sort of relief to the common people of the nation. The blanket of the cow will keep on hoodwinking the people, and it is utmost important for the nation to smash the conspiracies that are hatched by the saffron terror outfits to ensure that the real issues of the people gets attention and are addressed by the people who promised better governance.    

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