Trump's Agenda against DPR Korea

DPR Korea Must Intensify Resistance Against Trump’s Nefarious Plans

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Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) has turned more militant than any of his predecessors and being a lunatic fascist, he is serious in jeopardising the world security in more ways than one. Trump’s cacophony against the DPR Korea is blended with excessive misinformation, lies, and deceitful propaganda that aims at the traditional American practice of overthrowing governments of foreign countries and replacing them with puppet regimes. To serve the interests of the US military-industrial complex on a global scale, the Trump regime has included the possibility of opening a new war front in the far-eastern theatre while showering Tomahawk cruise missiles on Syria.

The US corporate media has started blowing the trumpet of Trump’s propaganda with full vigour, dropping their shoddy “resistance” stance against the lunatic fascist war monger, who became a President of the US by riding the anti-incumbency wave and by using xenophobia as his principal weapon. Their protest against Trump’s ascension and their allegations regarding the threat to world peace due to Trump, has taken a break since Trump agreed to tear his anti-establishment mask faster than what was expected and jumped into the bandwagon of the terrorists, sponsored by the CIA and Wall Street based corporations, to topple the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. As Trump is playing his cards as per the wish of the US monopoly capital owned corporations, therefore, the so-called “liberal” warmongers like Obama and Hillary Clinton are strongly supporting his war machine for their common business interest.

As an isolated country, DPR Korea is struggling for its existence in a unipolar and globalised world that is ruled by the US and its major monopoly and finance capital led corporations. Since years, the ruling Korean Worker’s Party is dodging the seduction of the neo-liberal economic policies formulated by the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, which aims at diluting the national sovereignty of all countries for the sake of the unbridled economic plunder of its labour and resources by the US and its Western allies. Though the Worker’s Party has shunned the ideology of Marxism decades ago and has adopted a militaristic socialist ideology called Juche as its guiding principle, the government of DPR Korea didn’t embrace the neo-liberal economic policy and continued with its own independence.

This attempt to retain its economic and political sovereignty and not bowing before the US led military-economic bloc, turned the DPR Korea and its government a staunch enemy for the US corporations, military-industrial complex and also of the US puppet states in Asia Pacific. To deter the US and its puppet allies like Japan, Southern Korean peninsula occupied by the US, etc. from launching any attack on the DPR Korea, the government of the country intensified its fortification as well as military arsenal building, including building legitimate nuclear weapons and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, which can hit foreign targets. These military preparations of the DPR Korea have repeatedly irked the US and its global allies who would not desist from threatening the country with military aggression repeatedly.

Since the last seven decades, the US monopoly capital owned corporations and their military-industrial complex is plundering the southern part of the Korean peninsula, which is their colony cum military outpost against the DPR Korea and China, the two countries that the US-led Western bloc wants to occupy with brute military force. On one hand, the US and its Western allies are using countries like Japan, India, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Burma, Bangladesh, etc. to encircle and intimidate China militarily, while on the other hand, the US and its allies are using Japan and the colonised southern Korean peninsula to instigate a war of aggression against the DPR Korea. The war plan against the DPR Korea to colonise it and subjugate its people, who have heroically resisted the US aggression plans since 70 years, revolves around the purported “threat” of the DPR Korea using nuclear weapons against the US and its colony, the southern part of the Korean peninsula. This lie, along with slanders against the leaders of the DPR Korea, is continuously broadcasted by the American lackey corporate media since years to build up massive opinion in favour of an attack against the independent country.

In the last seven decades of its existence, the DPR or North Korea, never attacked any of its neighbours, leave alone a country in a different continent. It never triggered any nuclear explosions outside its testing zones or James Bond flicks, it never fought a war except for its war of liberation against the Japanese and the US forces and despite being one of the small countries of the world, DPR Korea has the glorious feather of defeating the US aggression in the 1950s Korean War in its hat.

The US launched numerous military campaigns in all parts of the world throughout these seven decades and killed millions through its war machine in Asia-Africa and Latin America. The US has attacked countries that were neither its neighbours nor did they had any intention or any potential resource to attack the US mainland. The US dropped the deadly nuclear bomb on Japan in 1945, the sole nuclear attack done by any country until now. The nuclear attack by the US on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed more than 200,000 people and its after effect is still causing severe health hazard in those cities of Japan.

In Southeast Asia’s Indochina, i.e. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, the US carried out the goriest atrocities on the people who defied Washington DC’s diktat and had chosen the path of independence rather than being slaves of the American capital. The US dropped the deadly Napalm bombs and carried out Agent Orange chemical attack on the Vietnamese people and killed millions. Though the US was kicked out of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, the people of these countries, especially of Vietnam, are still suffering from the after-effects of the deadly weapons used against their ancestors.

To secure its future energy requirements and to provide excessive super-profit minting opportunity to the gigantic Western oil and gas corporations, the US carried out military aggression against Middle-East Asian and North African countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria; the US government and the CIA engineered several coups and funded terrorists and puppet regimes to carry out large-scale genocides to farther the interests of the US-based corporations in Middle-East Asia and Africa. Millions died due to the US military actions or CIA funded espionage in these places. Iraq stands war-torn and devastated by sectarian violence that the US funded and now it’s home to the most dangerous CIA creation, the ISIS. In Syria, more than 600,000 people died due to a war of regime change imposed on it by the US and its allies and millions fled the country and are looking for a refuge in Western Europe.

Since 2001, the US is pounding an impoverished Afghanistan with deadly bombs, including what it called the Mother of all Bombs or MOAB, to hunt those terrorists whom the CIA armed and trained to execute its plan in the region and to check the Russian influence on Kabul and Islamabad. With hundreds of Daisy Cutters dropped on a market unworthy Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan on daily basis, the US ruling clique has been killing thousands with utmost impunity as their loyal puppets rule these countries and knowing that the international community, servile to the interests of the global monopoly capital’s citadel Wall Street, will never prosecute the American warmongers for their war crimes and large-scale genocides.

The same international community and servile lackeys of the US will work in tandem with the CIA and the White House to condemn and endorse inhuman trade sanctions and blockades against those governments and countries that dare to resist the dreams of the US to achieve total global hegemony. These puppet governments and their ineffective global body, the UN, keeps pressuring, penalising and condemning those countries that refuse to toe the official line endorsed by the US and its agencies like the IMF, World Bank and WTO. They apply trade sanctions against countries like Iraq, Iran, DPR Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. but provides immunity to genocidal regimes of Zionist Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other puppets of the US.

Donald Trump rose to power not only by exploiting the xenophobia reigning among the American white supremacist people, but also with the support of a section of anti-war and pro-Syria forces, who mistook him as a messiah of peace and a harbinger of alternative policy in the US establishment, which follows an extremely pro-Zionist and pro-war agenda. These self-obsessed anti-war and anti-establishment people of the US overlooked the fact that a capitalist, whose interests are intertwined with that of the US government’s, cannot take any anti-establishment decision because the entire establishment is there to serve the interest of his or her capital and investments.

By launching an uncalled for attack against the Syrian government, which is fighting against the ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terror outfits funded by the Western powers led by the US and their lackeys like the Zionist Israel, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and Erdoganist Turkey, Trump proved that his allegiance lies with the very powers of war and destruction that he called his foe during his election campaign. His fastest volte-face even caught his ardent supporters in the Russian government, which is sponsoring a global racist, white-supremacist fascist brigade to win power throughout Europe and Americas, by surprise and they are now forced to do a brainstorming on Kremlin’s approach to Trump and to develop a damage control mechanism for its media outlets.

Despite their fallacy in policy formulation, the Russians have closely analysed the global scenario and called Donald Trump and his administration a greater threat to the international peace than King Jong-un, the leader of DPR Korea, whom the US and its toady media is continuously portraying as a blood-thirsty dictator, while at the same time showcasing a lunatic, Islamophobic and misogynist reactionary Donald Trump as the saviour of world mankind from a non-existing menace called “North Korea”, where the US wants to unfurl the banner of its military victory, i.e. the triumph of the Wall Street based corporations and the military-industrial complex, whose coffers are now to be filled by Donald Trump & Co.

To protect its own sovereignty and integrity, and to achieve its ambition of the unification of the Korean peninsula, the Worker’s Party of Korea and the government of the DPR Korea led by Kim Jong-un rightly called up for a militaristic preparation against any kind of aggression that the US and its regional lackeys are planning to laden upon the impoverished small country neighbouring China. The DPR Korean government and the military require the support of the people of the world, who are opposing the aggression of the US against sovereign countries. Very rightly the DPR Korea government has forged a close alliance with the Syrian government and extended it all type of supports that Pyongyang can, to defeat the engineered terrorist coup funded by the US and its allies.

If an international alliance between the DPR Korea, Syria, Palestine and Iran can get stronger on the question of resisting the US and its allies from aggressing on their territory, then there can be a major bloc of alternative power on the global scale that can counter the global hegemonic drive of the US. The DPR Korea and Iran has the right to better military power and technology, including nuclear weapons, to deter the US and its lackeys from launching an attack on them and under no condition should they surrender this right as it will open the floodgates of foreign invasion on their land. Until the US and its allies have nuclear, chemical and other dangerous weapons with which they can bully the poor countries of the world, these countries of Asia-Africa-Latin America must also use their available resources to grow their military prowess to combat any effort by the US ruling classes to subjugate their people.

At present, DPR Korea and Syria are fighting against the foreign aggression, funded and engineered by the most powerful militarist fascist state of the world ruled by a fanatic capitalist. Their endeavour in defeating the forces of reaction and the attempts of the US to topple their government must be hailed and supported by the people who are against the principles of imperialist colonisation and the people must form an international anti-war front against the US and its allies so that their attempts to flare up conflicts throughout the world and colonise other countries are thrashed globally and the mass struggles force the US and its allies to step back in fear.

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