Syrian Victory in Deir ez-Zor to Spell Doom for the US

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There is a very bad news for the US and its allies- they are losing the war in Syria, which means their efforts and labour of six years, funds invested eyeing long-term gains in the Syrian territory, their ambition to install a Salafist puppet dictatorship in Damascus, etc., are now thwarted. The battle of Deir ez-Zor, which is an oil-rich province of Syria, is a significant one, as the ISIS is fleeing from there, while the US-supported Kurd forces, under the hoodwinking banner of “Syrian Democratic Front”, are occupying their posts and erecting resistance against the advancing Syrian Arab Army.

While the ISIS and its proxy organisations funded by the US-Israel-West-Saudi clique is now pushed into the Idlib province, the Syrian Arab Army, supported by the Russian air-support, is now taking over the largest oil-rich province, Deir ez-Zor, at the side of the Euphrates river. The US and its allies are now panicked as the Syrian Arab Army has become a formidable force to reckon with; it’s now invincible. The US has adopted a two-pronged strategy to temporarily halt this victorious advance of the Syrian Arab Army.

The first strategy is to provide extreme air and logistic support to the ISIS to launch new attacks against the Syrian Arab Army positions and resist it from seizing, Deir ez-Zor, the largest oil-rich territory of Syria. Soon after facing the heat and after failing to stop the victorious march of the Syrian Arab Army from entering its long-held territory, the ISIS and its accomplices launched a large-scale attack on the Syrian positions at the Western parts of Deir ez-Zor, in a doomed effort to stop the advance.

Secondly, the US is also pressing in the Kurdish forces in large numbers into the long-held ISIS territory of Deir ez-Zor with an attempt to seize as much territory, especially oil-rich territory under its control before Bashar al-Assad declares the final triumph of his government against the terrorists funded by the US and its regional allies. This would also mean the Balkanisation of the Syrian territory, using the Kurd pawns of the US. If the US becomes successful in helping the Kurdish SDF in occupying an oil-rich area like Deir ez-Zor, before the war ends, then it can recover a part of its investment in the war easily.

The ISIS, or the Daesh, as the terror organisation created with the help of the CIA in 2014 is known in Syria, is totally collapsing, as all its fighters, hired from the prisons of Europe and Africa, and imported from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Qatar are drastically failing and running to their last stronghold, the Idlib province. The situation is very grave for the terror forces due to the intensified firing from the Syrian Arab Army, which panicked the US and its allies, who are reluctant to let the ISIS commanders, especially those from Europe, getting nabbed by the advancing coalition of the Syrian Arab Army, the Russians, the Iran-supported Hezbollah guerrillas. The US, according to reports even rescued some of their crucial ISIS commanders from Syrian forces to ensure the complicity of the Western powers, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia is not revealed publicly.

As the US and its allies, including the NATO members and three members of the United Nations Security Council, France, Germany and the UK, are sensing danger every moment and anticipating a total collapse of their enterprise in Syria, they are trying to either incite trouble in neighbouring Iraq or they are using their puppet UN to draft concocted tales to implicate the Syrian government in chemical attack crimes, which were committed by none other but the US-sponsored “rebels” aka Islamist terrorists.

Kurdish collaborators of the West are identifying themselves as Syrians to occupy the areas vacated by the ISIS and they are launching attacks against the Syrian Arab Army. The Israel is firing missiles into the sovereign territory of Syria, with full support of the US behind its back, while the Saudi monarchy is trying to incite trouble among the Sunnis, a lot of whom are captivated by the Salafist clergy who are on the payrolls of the monarchy, by portraying the government of Bashar al-Assad a peril for the Sunni Muslims, so that the latter can rally under the US-sponsored larger coalition of world’s most poisonous and treacherous regimes to launch new aggression and terror strikes on the independent and sovereign Syria.

The Syrian government should now not fall into any trap of discussions or backdoor diplomacy to end this war, which will be most likely pressed by the US and the West. The succumbing to the international bodies and norms will bring a pernicious outcome and make Syria another Iraq in the future, whose former leader Saddam Hussein disarmed his government in the expectation of peace and thereby made it easy for the US and the UK to attack the country and occupy it.

It’s important for the Syrian Arab Army to conquer the battlefields that are still under the occupation of the ISIS and its numerous proxy organisations. After the liberation of Deir ez-Zor, the Syrian Arab Army must take on Idlib and finally free the country from the curse of the longest running terrorist war of the 21st century in Middle East Asia. It’s with the victory of the Syrian Arab Army against the ISIS and other terrorists that Syria will usher in a new and bright dawn.

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