Why Iran is a thorn in the eyes of the US and its lackeys?

Why Iran is a Thorn in the Eyes of the US and its Lackeys?

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What makes America furious about Iran? Why is Donald Trump so hell bent to destabilise Iran and turn it into a war-ruined country with a flotsam of debris that will remarkably recite the memory of a vivid past, when Persia used to be a centre of power, military and intellectual, in a world where there was no country named America? Why is Donald Trump obsessed with the agenda of a war against Iran? Is it simply because he’s the lunatic that his detractors say he is? Or is Trump simply carrying forward the long-pending agenda of the US regarding Iran by using his peculiar demagogy? What’s so terrifically wrong with Iran that the US President had to tweet an all-capital three-liner to threat Iranian President Rouhani? Why has the US mainstream media gone gaga over Trump’s threat to Iran? What’s the threat that Iran poses for the US, thousands of miles away from it? Why Trump, who agreed to sign a treaty with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK – North Korea) abruptly discarded an earlier agreement reached between Washington DC and Tehran?

The answers about the American fascist tyrant’s frantic behaviour on the issue of Iran and constant Western propaganda against Iranian Government have their roots deeply entrenched in the imperialist agenda in Middle-East Asia. Iran, which is of course ruled by a reactionary oligarchy and feudal Shiite clerics, has actually started exerting its influence in the Middle-East as the only non-Arab country that can take on the regional powers backed by the US like Saudi Arabia and Zionist Israel. With a quasi-democratic superstructure and periodic elections, powered by a thriving oil economy and an ambitious gas pipeline project in the making, Iran has definitely achieved a leverage against its bitter foe Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Israel.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, the promoter and exporter of Wahhabism and Salafism-inspired terrorism globally, or unlike the Zionist Israel, the most brutal and bloodthirsty regime on earth that survives on a systematic genocide of Palestinian Arabs, the Iranian economy isn’t dependent on American and Western aid and military supplies. By tying up with Russia, an old ally of the Khomeini regime, Iran has secured a military backing from Moscow, while it has expanded its business interests by forging closer strategic tie-ups with other neighbours like Lebanon, Syria, India, Pakistan and China. The Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline is one of the most ambitious projects in the region and by adding India and China to the itinerary, the Iranian rulers are trying to secure a strong economic future for itself independent of the US-imposed sanctions.

The Syrian civil war was a well-planned agenda following the “Arab Spring” model, which the US executed to overthrow the legitimate government headed by Bashar al-Assad. It was the alliance formed by Iran and Russia that thwarted the US aggression on Syria using the Salafist terrorists funded by the Saudi Arabian monarchy, Turkey and Zionist Israel. The Hezbollah guerrillas, who are influenced by Tehran, fought alongside Syrian Arab Army to defeat the ISIS and the entire pantheon of Salafist terrorists. Iran also played a crucial part in the war against the ISIS in Iraq, by assisting the Iraqi government with a militia funded by the Revolutionary Guards. The Iranian influence on Baghdad grew several times since the US-sponsored ISIS was defeated by the Iran-Iraq alliance. Iranian support to the Houthi rebels entangled the Saudi Arabian monarchy in a bloody war of aggression in Yemen, where it has so far butchered 10,000 civilians, including children, while many more starve to death every day.

Zionist Israel and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia faced a stiff challenge to their hitherto existing domination in Middle-East Asia with the resurgence of Iran with Russian backing. While their hegemony is under threat, the US and its Western partners are also worried about the rising clout of Russia in Middle-East with the help of Iran and Syria. The Syrian war equation changed in favour of Bashar al-Assad since 2015 due to the devastating firepower used by the Russian Air Force against the ISIS and other terrorist forces. The access gained by Russia to the interior of Middle-East Asia threatens the US hegemony in the region and hence, to cripple Russia, the US and its lackeys have been trying to isolate Iran.

Iran happens to be the only regional nuclear power in Middle-East Asia after Zionist Israel and a nuclear-armed Tehran restores the balance-of-power in favour of the people of Middle-East by erecting a strong antidote to Zionist Israeli hegemony and aggression. As Syria thwarts Israeli aggression with force, as Lebanese Hezbollah keeps troubling the Zionist Israeli occupiers, Iran becomes a major threat to the existence of a boisterous Zionist Israel.

It’s this challenge that Zionist Israel wants to address in two ways, firstly, it wants to engage Iran in limited skirmishes where the notorious IDF killers can gain superiority against Iranian military; secondly, it wants to build up a massive disruption within Iran by pressing the services of the Mossad and the CIA, and use the disruption to carry out a propaganda against Tehran using the American and Western media. A civil disruption with a political leadership inclined to the US and the Zionist Israel will be beneficial for Tel Aviv to alter power equation in Iran.

No wonder, the mass murderer and child rapist Benjamin Netanyahu, a staunch lackey of the US and its allies, comes online every now and then on Facebook to propagate his new-found love for Iranian people. This butcher of Palestinian men, women and children tells the Iranian people, especially farmers, how he’s willing to help them with Israeli technology to better their livelihood because the “evil” Iranian regime will do nothing for them. The irony is that most of his speeches are in Hebrew with English subtitles, whenever this megalomaniac Zionist fascist addresses the Farsi-speaking Iranians.

For the Wahhabi Saudi Arabian monarchy, its domination on the Muslim world due to its custodianship of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina comes under a serious threat due to the resurgence of an assertive Iran that wants to infuriate people’s opinion against the utmost corrupt and barbaric monarchy that lapdances for the US. As a kingdom that’s armed with weapons supplied by the US and its Western allies, Saudi Arabian monarchy is threatened by the fact that its military hegemony is waning due to the rise of Iran. A nuclear power Iran wouldn’t allow the Saudi-US-Israeli nexus to expand in Middle-East Asia or threaten its allies, which will be a serious existential crisis for the reactionary monarchy and the Zionist terrorists.

By aligning with China, India and Russia, Iran has expanded the scope of its oil and gas trade even after an American sanction on the country. Through several diplomatic manoeuvres, Iran managed to win allies in Europe by splitting the American allies. With its oil and gas trade surviving American sanctions and diplomacy winning friends, Washington DC has more reasons to despise Iran now.

Donald Trump’s predecessors also took a similar anti-Iran standpoint since 1978, when the people’s rebellion against the American puppet monarchy forced the Shah to flee Iran, while the hardcore reactionary Shiite clerics usurped power by utilising the chaotic situation and disarrayed condition of the Iranian left. George W Bush coined the term “Axis of Evil” by bracketing Iran with Iraq and DPRK, the countries where the White House planned changing governments through military intervention. After occupying Iraq in 2003, the US trained its guns towards Iran and DPRK. However, the American involvement in Syria and Iran’s access to nuclear power changed the equation. The US focused on overthrowing Muammar Gaddafi from Tripoli and Bashar al-Assad from Damascus, during which their efforts to neutralise Iran was weakened, allowing Tehran and Moscow to consolidate their positions and alliance.

To ensure that Iran is forced to do away with its success in becoming a nuclear power, the Obama administration imposed severe sanctions on Tehran and countries that do business with it by forcing the American puppet United Nations to pass a rigged motion against it. Later, at the last leg of his presidential tenure, Obama had Iran sign a deal that would have made Iran a denuclearised state, which would be free of trade sanctions. Iran signed the deal with the international community, however, there was little seriousness on part of the US to carry forward the deal by making the Zionist Israel and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia unhappy.

When Trump came to power he imposed a travel ban on citizens of multiple Muslim-majority countries, blaming them of exporting terrorism. Ironically, Saudi Arabia wasn’t on the list but Iran was. Trump started to build up military pressure on Iran soon after visiting Saudi Arabia and after signing weapons and other deals with the reactionary monarchy. The Iran deal was soon dropped as the US puppets continued to lose ground in Syria and Donald Trump was pressured by the American energy corporations and military-industrial complex to take on Tehran first to secure victory in Syria. Donald Trump knew that peace in other fronts was necessary for the US to focus on Iran and Middle-Eastern war theatre. This made him travel to Singapore and sign a peace treaty with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un followed by a scaling down of tension in the Korean peninsula.

Now that Donald Trump, the Pentagon and the CIA headquarters Langley have Iran in their focus, they are targeting to launch a massive war against Iran. America is worried about winning fast victory in Iran without losing too many American lives. Trump and his accomplices know that the situation isn’t anymore like 2003 and people are simply not buying mainstream media propaganda, especially after Trump himself exposed their dirty tricks during the presidential election. It will be hard to find a Dick Cheney who can fool the world by concocting lies about “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, which was used as a subterfuge to attack Iraq. As more people will question the American government’s war on Iran, it will be difficult for the regime to answer and Donald Trump will face a global wrath as well.

Thus, alike Syrian war, Donald Trump and his regional lackeys are planning to start a war of aggression against Iran by fuelling a regional confrontation between Saudi Arabian monarchy or the Zionist Israel and Iran. The pretext can be any and would be later used, like in the case of Syria, to blame Tehran of possessing “weapons of mass destruction”, which will then pave the way for a formal American aggression on Iran. The loosely organised Iranian military and the elite Revolutionary Guards, are expected to surrender fast in face of an American aggression, which would allow the US to capture Tehran and topple the present regime. Calculating their moves by taking into account the material cost and time, the US imperialism is planning to launch an attack on Iran by initiating a campaign to portray its rulers in the darkest shades so that it can create mass opinion in favour of the predatory war. By vigorously instigating the Shiite Sunni conflict in the region, the US imperialism, the Zionist Israeli rulers and the Wahhabi Saudi Arabian monarchy want to build up mass hatred against the Shiite rulers of Iran amongst the overwhelming majority of Sunni Muslims throughout the world.

It’s true that the ruling classes of Iran and their representative, the Shiite clergy led by Ayatollah, are a reactionary, patriarchal and feudal power bloc that stands in the way to Iranian people’s liberation and realisation of democracy in its true sense. It’s true that the regime of Ayatollah and his puppet Rouhani are against the workers and peasants of Iran, it torments women and pushes the poor to destitution, and it only represents the interests of the Iranian oligarchy, the super-rich minority. However, if a war breaks between Iran and the US, if Iran is aggressed upon by the US or its local lackeys like the Zionist Israeli terrorists or Wahhabi Saudi Arabian monarchy, then it will be imperative for the anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist and anti-war progressive people to support the endurance of Iran and its people against the aggression. The ruling class of Iran and the government will then be a victim of an imperialist aggression launched by the world’s largest terrorist corporation and its appendages, which will make their position of resistance a justified one. Thus, it will be correct to support the Iranian rulers and their Russian backers over the issue of resistance against aggression by the US imperialism or its Zionist Israeli or Wahhabi Saudi Arabian lackeys, even though one may be a bitter opponent of the ideology propagated by the regime and its lackeys.

Iran can defeat the US and its lackeys Zionist Israel and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia only when it can win the popular support of the peace-loving progressive and anti-imperialist people of the world. Armed with that support, Iranian people will have moral superiority against the material supremacy of the US and its lackeys. When the people at large will participate in the war of resistance to prevent their country from becoming another bulwark of American imperialism, then the character of the war will change into a people’s war, which will surely burn down the imperialist scheme to colonise entire Middle-East Asia and enslave the people. A free Iran will definitely arouse the Arab people of Middle-East to stand up and fight against their common enemies, the US imperialism, Zionist Israeli terrorism and Wahhabi Saudi Arabian monarchy to achieve freedom from the shackles of exploitation and slavery. When that day will come, no one will be able to prevent the inevitable fall of the US imperialist empire in Middle-East Asia.

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