World Hindu Congress 2018 vessel to spread Hindutva fascism

World Hindu Congress was an Attempt to Internationalise Hindutva Fascism

Foreign Affairs

The World Hindu Congress was organised from 7 to 9 September 2018 at Chicago, where RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat and Indian Vice President, a  veteran Sangh propagandist, Venkaiah Naidu participated as key speakers. Hindutva hate mongers and rabble-rousers like the notorious Zionist Israeli agent Tapan Ghosh, the CIA stooge Indian corporate tycoons, the Hindutva poster-boy Bollywood celebs, and each and every crooked mind one can name, participated in the event. There have been a lot of protests against the World Hindu Congress in Chicago and outside, as anti-fascist Americans opposed the use of their soil for a vicious propaganda by a terrorist organisation and its global apparatus.

More than 2,500 delegates from 80 countries attended the event, where the Vice President of India travelled using money from the public exchequer to propagate the vision of the RSS. The delegates were mostly from upper-caste elite background, who are trying to build a Salafist-style puritan movement to bring the Hindus living in different societies, including the advanced capitalist countries of the West, back to the regressive fold of the religion and force them to maintain the sanctity of caste hierarchy and Brahmanical patriarchy. Rabble-rousers and rioters, like Tapan Ghosh from India, also joined the event to garner funds from global corporations for their nefarious activities in India and other countries.

Despite of its spiritual banner, the World Hindu Congress wasn’t a conference that had anything to do with the religion of Hinduism or the millions of people practising the religion worldwide, including its grotesque caste system. Rather, the World Hindu Congress acted as an unapologetic political platform for the RSS to spread its Hindutva fascist agenda on a global scale. The agenda of the World Hindu Congress was to intensify the Hindutva fascist movement on an international scale following the footsteps of the Zionism and Wahhabism, which have impacted the international affairs and politics significantly.

The democratic and anti-fascist people of Chicago, including a lot of coloured people, who are since fighting the white supremacist and neo-fascist rule of Donald Trump, have been strongly opposing the organising of the World Hindu Congress in their own city. It was in Chicago’s largest daily, Chicago Tribune, a full-page ad was published by an activist group called Avaz that condemned the efforts by the Hindutva fascist Americans organising the World Hindu Congress on behalf of the RSS for staining the Hindu religion through the racial supremacist and Brahmanical hegemonic ideology.

There have been strong campaigns in Chicago against the World Hindu Congress and the participation of Mohan Bhagwat, the chieftain of Hindutva fascism, in the event. A large number of protesters continued protesting against the event by educating their fellow American people about the tactic of mendacity adopted by the Trump regime to cover up the goriest atrocities committed by Brahmanical tyranny in India; they exposed how such atrocities committed against the minority communities, Dalits, tribals and any part of the Indian population that refuse to buy the Hindutva fascist doctrine of the ruling brigade are cleverly masked in mainstream media reporting. They rightly pointed out that the RSS or the BJP are not the “Hindu nationalist” entity, as the mainstream American press will make people believe, but sheer Hindutva fascists.

These campaigns against the World Hindu Congress in the US by the anti-fascist and progressive organisations and activists caused severe discomfort for the RSS-led Hindutva fascist camp and forced it to defend itself through pathetic articles like this.  The victimhood card was also played by the elite and privileged Hindutva hate mongers living in the US. They carried out counter-propaganda and won the support of the white supremacists and Trump-loyalist fascists in Chicago and other cities of Illinois. The US Federal Government establishments shamelessly stood behind the Hindutva fascists, manifesting their support to the communal polarisation drive in India. The Mayor of Chicago also endorsed this fascism promotion and allowed it to take place in the city following the diktat of the Wall Street moguls.

Despite the threat of violence and abuse, a group of protesters sneaked inside the World Hindu Congress venue and started protesting against the Hindutva fascist RSS and the Modi regime. They raised slogans like “RSS turn around, we don’t want you in our town,” and “stop Hindu fascism” at the venue throwing a tough challenge to the Hindutva fascist supremo Mohan Bhagwat and his coterie of American, pro-white, Hindutva fascist crooks and thugs. These protesters showed the courage to do what the Brahmanical lackey, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, who went to the event even after a large number of his voters requested him to not attend it, couldn’t do.

The RSS thugs and American Hindutva fascists attending the session attacked the protesters, kicked and choked them, spitted on them and even tried to molest the women. These RSS thugs hurled racist and sexist abuses at the protesters and used their clout on the Chicago Mayor to have the protesters arrested. None of the RSS goons who attacked the protesters were arrested and there were no criminal charges filed against Mohan Bhagwat for comparing the non-Hindus with dogs and pests in a so-called secular country with a Christian majority, the same community whose priests are burned alive and nuns are gangraped by the Hindutva goons, who swear allegiance to the RSS, in India ruled by the Hindutva fascists.

US civil rights and anti-fascist activists, especially those in Chicago who fought vehemently against the Hindutva fascist camp during the World Hindu Congress, are not only worried about the fact that Mohan Bhagwat didn’t face any legal implications in the US even when he compared the non-Hindus, i.e. the Muslims and the Christians as “dogs”. They are worried about the unapologetic official nexus formed between the Hindutva fascist camp in India and the US establishment led by big banks, corporations and media tycoons. A court case in New York, where the Federal Government opposed a petition seeking a ban on the RSS and its subsidiaries due for their terrorist activities, is a sign that the evil partnership between the Hindutva fascists and their masters will continue for the years to come.

According to a report in India Today, an organisation called Sikhs for Justice filed a petition in the Southern District Court of New York calling for a ban on the RSS and to declare the Hindutva fascist organisation as a terrorist organisation like the dreaded Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. The US attorney Preet Bharara presented an 18-page-long motion that said, “Neither SFJ nor this Court possesses authority to compel the Secretary to designate an entity as a foreign terrorist organization-a discretionary action that implicates important foreign affairs and national security considerations, and which is entrusted to the political branches,” (sic), which resulted into the rejection of the SFJ petition by Laura Taylor Swain, the judge.

When the US attorney cited the problem of foreign affairs as a challenge in the way of the US administration to take punitive actions against the Hindutva fascist RSS, then the underlying meaning, sub-layered between the text was – the US rulers stand behind the Hindutva fascist camp with their full might because the latter serves the interests of the US in the best way. This unconditional support that the RSS-led Hindutva fascist camp receives from the American ruling classes has emboldened it and the Modi regime in India, as they know their atrocities against minorities, their policy of apartheid targeting the marginalised and oppressed communities, and their sheer hate mongering will always draw American funding as long as the big foreign corporations are allowed to loot, plunder and ravage India.

The Donald Trump-led white supremacist fascist regime has repeatedly showed its love for the Modi regime and its Islamophobic Hindutva fascist ideology. This political event, the World Hindu Congress,  was endorsed by the Trump regime, the Governor of Illinois and the Mayor of Chicago City, and many other prominent American hawks who represent the big corporations, banks and oligarchies of the US have supported the growth of the Hindutva fascist forces in America. The support didn’t come for free or only due to the concessions that the Hindutva fascist regime is offering to the big American corporations, the actual reason of the support is also the fact that the majority of Indian upper-caste elite and urban middle-class will always support the white supremacist fascist politics of Donald Trump.

Shalabh Kumar, one of the key bridges between the Donald Trump-led white supremacist fascist regime, the Zionist Israeli terrorists and Hindutva fascist terrorists, played a crucial role in fund raising for the  megalomaniac, arrogant and fascist Trump during his election campaign. Shalabh Kumar has a cordial relationship with the World Hindu Congress and the Modi regime too; he even organised a Bollywood event in favour of the campaign of Donald Trump by hyping the “Hindus for Trump” campaign, knowing very well that the Dalit, tribal and minority immigrant Indians living in the US will suffer severely under Trump’s presidency. Shalabh Kumar and American bootlicker comprador capitalists from upper-caste Brahmanical background even shamelessly marched in the US supporting the rapist, thug and mass murderer Donald Trump’s foreign policy in order to display their servility towards their white supremacist masters. They are constantly supporting the inhuman practices of the fascist Trump regime in return of crumbs thrown at them by their masters in the Wall Street.  These comprador lackeys of Trump and his fascist regime are one of the few non-white foreign communities in the US, that shamelessly support the monstrous policies of the Trump regime, often the sheer xenophobic ones,  for their own petty gains.

This very Shalabh Kumar is now helping rich, upper-caste Hindutva fascism supporters to get American citizenship (considered as a patriotic thing among the “nationalist” RSS members and supporters) if they agree to invest millions of dollars in his business ventures. The money laundering, tax evasion and the legitimisation of citizenship of immigrants from a selected race in America at the cost of other immigrants show how badly the US administration is entangled in the promotion, and appeasement of the Hindutva fascist bloc and its agenda.

It’s not only Shalabh Kumar who is helping the RSS and its master, the Donald Trump-led fascist American regime to build a strong alliance, rather the entire upper-caste Hindu elites, middle-class techies and traders, and other privileged sections of the American society who are keen to protect their privileged status (caste status) in the Hindu community, are helping the Donald Trump regime and the Indian Hindutva fascists to work in tandem with each other. Ever since 1980s, the reactionary section of the upper-caste Hindu NRI community has been helping the Hindutva fascist camp in consolidating its foothold in the US. The Narendra Modi-led Hindutva fascist camp, which played a crucial role in organising the World Hindu Congress and also usurping all public platforms of Hinduism and turn them into docile tools to propagate its own venomous propaganda, has been thriving on the support of the NRI American upper-caste Hindus.

For the US ruling class, the endorsement of Hindutva fascism, alike Zionist terrorism and Wahhabi fascism, is an important aspect of its foreign policy that tries to neutralise the scope of communist rebellion in countries of Asia-Africa and Latin America so that the reign of loot and plunder of resources, labour and human rights continue unabated forever. With the growing waves of discontent against the established order, the global monopoly and finance capital had to shed its democratic costume and reveal its naked fascist self. It had to censor the same democratic machineries and institutions it created years ago to hoodwink the people and keep them away from socialism. The only rock solid weapon that the global corporate capital and banking giants have in their hands is the “divide and rule” baton. They are using Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, etc. to divide the people and intensify the antagonism the capitalist system has created between races, creeds, religions and nationalities. This is a reason white supremacy, Hindutva fascism, Wahhabist fascism, Zionist terrorism, etc. are spreading rapidly throughout the globe, while the common people are losing their rights, their benefits, their social security due to the crisis of capitalism.

The World Hindu Congress was organised as a part of this greater conspiracy to have a new world order thrusted down the throats of the people of the world. It’s a reason that the Hindutva proselytisers who attended the event didn’t pay any attention to the dire need of food, clothing and shelter required by millions of Hindus in India who make less than $2 a day. They didn’t talk about how many Indian Hindus suffer due to lack of universal public healthcare, how millions of Hindu workers have no job security or minimum wages, how millions of Hindus have no proper access to food at fair price, how thousands of Hindu women are raped, not by Muslim men, but by their own Hindu relatives and husbands, how millions of Hindus are pushed into destitution every year by policies that only serve and enrich one percent of Indian upper-caste Hindu elites.

Why did the World Hindu Congress not discuss on the burning issues faced by the Hindus of the Hindu-majority India and delve on “Muslim threat” or a dog vs lion discourse? Why did it use the leitmotif of “love jihad” criticising a popular Bollywood family and not criticise the Indian rulers, the big corporations for waging an economic jihad against the poor of the country? What made the World Hindu Congress not call upon the Hindus to rise up against the challenges of poverty, social inequality, caste system, economic exploitation of the poor Hindus by big corporations and feudal landlords?

The answer is simple and very easy-to-understand – the World Hindu Congress doesn’t represent the interests of the majority of Hindus around the world, but a handful of rich lackeys of big global corporations, banks and the imperialist system. The World Hindu Congress is a docile tool of the Hindutva fascist RSS and has no mission to bring forth any formidable change for the Hindus suffering under the juggernaut of capitalist exploitation and oppression. The Hindutva fascist thugs of India and abroad, therefore, have shown their common hatred and opposition towards the common Hindus, the majority of the poor Hindus and let them to suffer due to the loot and plunder of resources by their corporate masters. These attempts by the RSS and platforms like the World Hindu Congress to befool the people and divert their attention will not survive for long as the impending rise of a mass tsunami of poor, exploited, oppressed and tormented Hindus in India will bring down the palace of the Hindutva fascists built with the blood and bones of the poor Hindus.

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