ABVP terror unleashed on students

Resist ABVP Terrorism in Campuses


The ABVP takes exceptional pride in lynching dissenting voices, molest women, or manhandle the teachers and academicians in the campuses around the country to ensure that the fascist Hindutva brigade led by the RSS continue to command the fear of the students and youth and the campuses are turned into the breeding grounds of corporate slaves, who will, according to the vision of the RSS, never raise questions against the official narratives.

As the ABVP gets immense funding from the very corporate houses that fund its paternal organisation RSS and the BJP, hence, it’s capable of mobilising a huge army of thugs and goons throughout the country and create a ruckus in the campus arenas of different universities. Their principal target remains the left-wing students, academicians, intellectuals, and activists who raise questions against the narratives of the RSS led administration and critically examines the activities of the state machinery.

Surprisingly, the ABVP, which is experiencing a swelling rank and file since the Congress-led UPA regime days, remains silent when their own people are nabbed by the security establishment on charges of espionage on behalf of the ISI. Recently, the Madhya Pradesh ATS nabbed 11 alleged Pakistani spies operating from Bhopal. Out of them one Dhruv Saxena was closely linked with the RSS, Bajrang Dal, and was the IT Cell member of the BJP in the state ruled by the party since a decade. Other accused also have close links with Bajrang Dal and other cow vigilante forces led by the saffron fascists that operate under the RSS command.

While the ABVP goons were thrashing the students of Delhi University for defying the orders of the RSS of not organising any event that questions the Hindutva fascists and for raising their fists in protest against the RSS, they didn’t carried out any agitation against the Pakistani spies who were nabbed by the ATS of a state that’s ruled by their own people. The corporate media that subscribes to Hindutva politics and champions the cause of toady journalism also remained mum about the Pakistani espionage activities by the RSS and BJP leaders.

There are many conspiracy theorists among the Hindutva brigade, who were vocal against the Maharashtra ATS under Late Hemant Karkare slapping charges of terrorism against the Hindutva terror ring-leader Sadhvi Prachi, Colonel Purohit, and Naba Kumar Biswas aka Aseemanand, who had allegedly carried out bomb blasts throughout the country to spread the cause of Hindutva and to wipe off the remnants of secularism from the Indian state.

The ABVP cried foul and blamed the Indian state machinery of being biased against the majority Hindu community, especially the upper-caste elites, whom the RSS and its affiliates represent when the UPA government pressed charges against the Hindutva terror thugs affiliated with the RSS under the banner of Abhinav Bharat.

ABVP’s demand for the release of the terror accused didn’t make them “anti-nationals”, whereas, raising questions against the same state machinery, which carries out a vindictive agenda against the minority communities, the marginalised people, and the oppressed nationalities, became so much objectionable for the RSS and its youth thug wing that it had to carry out series of violent attacks against the students and youth throughout the country.

When Narendra Modi promise to “hard sell India” at foreign locations, when the BJP government lures the global mining corporations to plunder the natural resources beneath the Adivasi heartland of India, when the BJP government launches an all-out war against the tribal people to evict them from their land and forests, the ABVP doesn’t feel the urge to showcase its true “patriotic” spirit and resist the aggression of the foreign capital in India. Their patriotism is limited only within the boundary specified by the Nagpur headquarters of the RSS.

This sheer hypocrisy of the RSS led Hindutva brigade and its numerous affiliates clearly manifest the utmost hollowness of their patriotism. The dependence of the ABVP on money, muscle, and alcohol to retain its position in the campuses of the country, indicates what type of political leader it will produce in the future and also shows what made people like Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitley, etc. leaders of the BJP.

It’s the responsibility of the anti-Hindutva, progressive, and democratic students, teachers, and university workers to unite under a common banner of anti-fascism and integrate their struggle against these fascist monsters led by the ABVP and its paternal body, RSS, along with the struggle against corporate loot and plunder waged by the working class and peasantry of the country.

Unless the movements of the students, youth, intelligentsia, teachers, professors, and other academicians connect with the broad anti-fascist mass struggle for democracy and unless the working class and the peasantry are promoted to the helm of the anti-fascist movement, there will be no way out of the terror reign imposed by the RSS and the ABVP will slowly become invincible in the very campuses, whose ideas are despised by the RSS. Time is certainly a luxury in the anti-fascist camp.

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