Mainstream corporate media lying about Aleppo

The Mainstream Media Spinning Lies on Syria and Aleppo

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As soon as the Syrian Arab Army advanced closer towards victory in its fierce battle against the Islamic State terrorists and their accomplices in Aleppo, the mainstream corporate media started amplified campaigns on behalf of the terrorists by alleging that the Syrian and Russian forces are targeting innocent civilians in the besieged city that became a bone of contention between the government of Syria and the terrorists funded by the Western powers and their puppet Gulf monarchies.

Soon after the Syrian Arab Army recaptured Aleppo from the terrorists of all hues, who occupied the city for nearly 1609 days, Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the toothless United Nations, started spinning tales of lies about a “genocide” carried out by the Syrian government, including children.

Ms Power’s emotive speech was filled with melodrama and through several theatrics, she tried to sell her story to the audience in the United Nations, which acted as a stooge of the US and its Western allies like Britain whenever they launched an aggression against any foreign country. The memories of Iraq war didn’t vanish from public memory and people still remember how Kofi Annan and the entire United Nations capitulated before the whims of George W Bush and Tony Blair.

Russian envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin rightly said:“The speech by the US representative is particularly strange to me; she gave her speech as if she was Mother Teresa herself. Please, remember which country you represent. Please, remember the track record of your country.”

We may just recall what Ms Power’s ancestors spoke about “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq to justify an aggression to oust President Saddam Hussein from power and install a puppet in Baghdad. We can still find bits and pieces of “news” that the American and the global mainstream media created to blame the government of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and its purported ‘atrocities’ on the people.

Though there are no official press reporters of the Western mainstream media in Aleppo, there are very few in entire Syria and they mostly live with the anti-government Western-funded Salafi Islamic terrorists, who are called “moderate rebels” by the West. Their coverage is opinionated in favour of the West and their employers, the big corporations owned by the likes of Murdoch & Co. The BBC couldn’t dare to venture out of Lebanon till now, yet they report on Syrian civil war; similarly the CNN or Al-Jazeera claim their authentic footages are coming directly from the fields and streets of Syria when they are not.

As the entire mainstream corporate media kept beating the drums of “Syrian government’s atrocities against the civilians” when Aleppo was won back by the Syrian Arab Army, the Islamic State terrorists moved a large contingent of their forces to occupy the city of Palmyra from the Syrian government. The ISIS forces came from Mosul to Raqqa and then launched an attack on Palmyra, which was guarded by just 800 Syrian troops. The Syrian Army fought valiantly and gunned down 300 terrorists and destroyed a large chunk of the ISIS artillery with Russian aerial strikes. However, they soon retreated after evacuating 80 per cent of the town’s population.

The Western mainstream media had not expressed any worry on the occupation of the Syrian city of Palmyra by the ISIS, rather they kept moaning about the purported ‘genocide’ carried out by the Syrian government in Aleppo. Their narratives matched that of the Western governments and the big corporations, which claimed that the Syrian Army and the Russians are hell-bound to carry out large-scale genocide in the city that the government could finally free from the terrorists after four years.

If we closely analyse the reporting and the narratives used by the Western mainstream media and their Indian stooges, we can see how they use the fake videos, including clips from Hollywood movies to trigger paranoia among their subscribers, viewers, readers, regarding the Syrian government and the Russian government. The same tactics were used by the US since the end of the World War II against all governments that challenged its hegemonic position.

Who are the “Sources” of mainstream media in Syria

Top news source on Syria happens to be Syrian Observatory Foundation

Among the ‘sources’ that the corporate controlled mainstream media houses, starting from BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera or other organisations, cite while reporting about the Syrian war, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights comes at the top position. The foundation, which actually happens to be a one-man show based in the UK, is called the authentic source of information and there is no mainstream media organisation that ever questioned the authenticity of the information provided by the man behind the “Foundation” – Rami Abdurrahman (Rami Abdulrahman).

Rami Abdurrahman was a political opponent of former President Hafez al-Assad and tried to incite violent riots against the government of Syria by spreading false news and by carrying out campaigns filled with vitriol. A hardcore Salafi, he was a tiny fish in the network of prominent anti-government forces who were funded by the US, the UK, the monarchy of Saudi Arabia, the royal family of Jordan, the Zionist Israeli government to destabilise Syria and establish a government that will open up the country’s economy and crucial oil and energy sector to the West and particularly Shell or BP.

When their coup attempts were thwarted, the man, along with his co-conspirators, fled to the UK, which offered them instant asylum (remember the harshness with which British immigration treats general Muslim immigrants from the Middle East?). With the help of the British government and SIS, Abdurrahman was able to open up a cloth shop in Coventry, where he lives under the constant guard of British secret service.

Abdurrahman shot to fame since the beginning of the Western-funded mutiny in Syria that aimed to topple the government and establish a Western-friendly regime in Damascus. It was 2011 that the governments of various Western countries and the mainstream media owned by multinational corporations started using the opinionated and biased information leaked by Abdurrahman’s Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Reuters and the New York Times, two of the most powerful and prominent mainstream media organisations, eulogised the man through special coverages and showed how “balanced” and “neutral” the man is, whose source of information from Syria is said to be “230 men” and international telephone calls that last for hours. There were absolutely no questions raised on how those “volunteers”  collect news, how authentic and balanced those news are and does those scoops really reflect the true picture of the Syrian conflict.

It’s an old proverb that the mainstream media needs the absolute submission of its viewers/readers. Questions and critical analysis aren’t allowed in mainstream media and the US should always be portrayed as correct during a conflict and those against the US must be portrayed in the most darkest shades.

The second “authentic” source is White Helmets

It’s an organisation owned by the Syria Campaign, an opposition alliance against Bashar al-Assad’s government supported by the Western corporations and their media houses. Originally called the Syrian Civil Defence, the White Helmets was primarily founded by the Western puppets to carry out money laundering under the garb of charity for relief operations in civil war-torn Syria.

Though the Syrian Civil Defence is not affiliated with the International Civil Defence Organisation, which officially considers Syrian Civil Defence Forces as the only civil defence organisation in Syria, still for the Western powers and the corporate media houses the Syrian Civil Defence aka White Helmets are the sole ‘official‘ relief organisation working towards saving human lives in Syria.

Initially, the White Helmets started its operation with $100 million funding from a former British military officer, James Le Mesurier. The former military officer, who became a security consultant and worked for a political project of the UAE and Turkey that aimed at destabilising Syria by toppling the government of Bashar al-Assad, didn’t disclose the source of the money invested in raising up this battalion of so-called “civil volunteers”. The suspicious money trail didn’t hindered the British government, which also funded the start-up of the organisation, from honouring Mesurier with the Order of the British Empire for his services to the empire in Syria. So, we can see whom the “White Helmets” is serving – less of humanity, more of the classical imperialist government of Britain.

According to a Canadian journalist, Eva Bartlett, one of the few journalists of the West who was in Aleppo, the local people of Aleppo in general and East Aleppo in particular never heard about the White Helmets. The organisation and its self-styled volunteers were only seen in some parts of the conflict zone providing support and aid to the terrorists who were, on one hand, fighting against the government of Syria and on the other hand brutally repressing the local people.

The Western media that championed the cause of the Cuban exiles cheering the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro last month in Miami, suddenly started teaching the lessons of ‘morality’ to the people of Aleppo who came down on the streets to celebrate the victory of the Syrian Army against the terrorists who kept the city hostage for over four years and massacred a large section of the people in the city. The Western mainstream media called the people “stooges of the regime” “dancing on the graves of children” – the piece of information supplied by the most trustworthy White Helmets.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts by fake activists and fake Syrian people are used thoroughly by the mainstream media to create negative perceptions regarding the government of Bashar al-Assad and his allies like Russia. There are social media celebrities with thousands of followers bidding their final goodbye to the world through their Twitter handles or Facebook accounts. They claimed they are going to die as the government liberated the city by defeating the terrorists. The mainstream media, throughout the world, kept pushing these stories as the authentic plight of the civilians facing “Syrian government’s repression” in Aleppo.

A fact finding by the Russian state-owned RT revealed that none of these evangelists of peace and harmony is a civilian but they are either hardcore members of the armed terror groups trying to seize power in Syria, or reactionary Salafist preachers trying to push forward a Saudi-American interest in the Syrian conflict, or mere outsiders sitting far away from Aleppo providing “live broadcast feeds” to the mainstream media.

There are social media feeds coming from all corners of the world with the content of Syrian civilians trapped in a very perilous situation, while in reality no one bothers to ask how good is the internet coverage in the besieged cities of a war torn middle east country that people are really sending gigabytes of feed from there? and if they are really able to transmit those SOS messages to Washington and London through the internet from the heartland of Syria then how credible is their blames labelled at the government of being a tyrant and undemocratic one? Remember Kashmir? Where the Indian government doesn’t take a blink of an eye’s time to snap telephone and the internet as soon as people hit the streets to protest against the military rule imposed upon them.

Behind most of the social media outcry and claim of victimhood by those people who remain mum on ISIS atrocities on common Syrian people or those who overlook and justify the violence perpetrated by the so-called “rebels”- who are directly funded and supported by the Western powers- there is an intention to support an abhorrent crime. So it isn’t surprising that those people who vehemently oppose the Kashmiri people’s movement against Indian military rule in the valley are affording insouciance while supporting the Syrian terrorists against the government of the country. The Indian mainstream media, especially the Hindi and English premium channels are very good examples of this hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy of the US and its allies on Syria

It’s evident that the Western mainstream media and their bosses in the CIA, Wall Street, or the White House are not talking about or expressing an iota of worry regarding the hapless people trapped in Palmyra, the city that is now taken hostage by the Islamic State terrorists.

When the Western mainstream press spend gigabytes of data on telling their audience throughout the world about how cruel and barbaric the government of Bashar al-Assad is and why it’s important for the Western powers, led by their chieftain the US, to overthrow the rule of Bashar al-Assad using force and why the tax payer’s money should be used not to create jobs or increase welfare spending at home, but to destabilise the government of a country thousands of kilometre away-then the people must realise that there is something wrong with the corporations, the tycoons like Murdoch or Rothschild. Probably they have invested far too much to have a forced regime change in Syria through their idea of “revolution” and probably the stakes are so high that they cannot quit the death game they have started.

This mission to topple Bashar al-Assad’s government at any cost to install a puppet regime in order to open the gate for the American and Western corporations to exploit the oil and natural resources of Syria and enslave the workers and people of the country to serve the interest of the global corporate giants remains the supreme for the US-led coalition. Since last five years, these forces of reaction and monopoly capital have tried everything to realise their goal in Syria. Numerous evidence came up into the public domain through different investigations by daring journalists and even through Wikileaks about how the US and its allies funded ISIS and released the monster in the world.

As soon as the ISIS terrorists traversed a long distance “without getting noticed by the US drones and satellites” and launched an aggression on Palmyra, the US Foreign Secretary John Kerry started ranting against the Syrian government and Russia-Iran coalition, accusing them of carrying out large-scale “massacres” in Aleppo. The media tom-tomed the moaning by the Western powers without questioning the substratum reason. The uncritical attitude of the media manifests its servility to the Western ruling bloc and their corporate masters.

In an interview with the RT journalist Maria Finoshina, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad rightly accused the mainstream media of willfully portraying the Syrian civil war in a manner that would only suit the interests and agenda of those corporations that own them and those governments, including that of the US and its allies and puppets, that support the business endeavours of those corporations.

In a world where 80 per cent of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of one per cent of the super rich capitalists, it is evident that these governments and these corporations will dump heaps of lies and charade on the people of the world to garner moral and material support for their agenda, which is plundering the resources from all corners of the globe to build up a mountain of super-profit for these corporations.

The mainstream media has no real reason to be in journalism rather than to build up mass opinion and create news to build perceptions, both positive and negative, to help the corporations that own them in furthering their business interests. Any power, government, political force, media house, social group, or people who oppose the reign of the neo-liberal economic system promoted by the IMF-World Bank-WTO trio, face the wrath of these media houses and their corporate masters. It’s quite important for the journalists who are battling to expose the truth to daylight using facts to unveil the corporate owned mainstream media and their burly masters.This can be the true tribute of honest journalism to democracy and mankind.

(This article was edited later on 19/12/2016 by Editorial Staff)

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