Shifting capital to Jerusalem can't end Palestinian struggle

By Shifting Embassy to Jerusalem the Trump Regime Can’t Defeat Palestine

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On 6 December 2017, Donald Trump-led fascist US regime decided to shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in contravention of international laws and the stand of the United Nations, which considers East Jerusalem as the capital of future independent Palestine. The Donald Trump regime didn’t implement a freshly adopted decision, rather it implemented a long-pending decision of the US ruling class, adopted in the late 1990s, to prove its unapologetic support for the Zionist oppression on Palestinian people and its occupation of Palestinian land. Donald Trump wants to endorse the end of the two-state solution for the Palestine crisis and reject the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people altogether.

This strategic-diplomatic move of the Trump regime took place on the 100th year of the Balfour declaration, which was the initiation of a heinous imperialist agenda to carve out a military outpost in the Middle East to stall the growth of anti-colonial sentiments and people’s democratic revolutionary struggle in the region by using religious antagonism between the Islamists and Zionists. The British government’s time-tested “divide and rule” formula, applied and practised in colonial India, was used to bring forth a major division between the Arab and the Jewish people on the question of Israel and thereby fratricidal incidents were promoted to wreck the unity of the people.

The adoption of the arbitrary and criminal decision to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem shows that not only the Donald Trump regime will expand its support for the murderous Zionist Israeli thugs than any of the previous US regimes, but the Trump regime will even fight with the moderate and pro-Western pacifist forces within the Palestinian movement vociferously and Washington will become a bigger barrier than ever in front of those who are struggling for the Palestinian liberation. By showing itself identical with the Zionist Israeli regime, the Donald Trump-led fascist American regime is itself breaking the CIA-created myth that engulfed a section of the Palestinian liberation struggle, where the US was shown as a party that can help bring peace in the Middle East in general and Palestine in particular by involving Israel in peace talks.

Since 1948, the Zionist Israeli forces, consisting of the rich and elite Jews from non-Nazi affected areas of the world, especially from the US and parts of Europe, came to occupy the Palestinian land with the political-economic-military and diplomatic support from the US and the UK. The global sympathy for the Jewish community, which suffered the holocaust under the Nazi German rule, was milked by the US and the Western imperialist bloc to portray the well-to-do, power-hungry and crooked minded Zionist forces as the true representative of the oppressed and persecuted Jewish community who needs to own their “homeland” as “promised by God” in their 5000-year-old religious scriptures. This happened to be the foundation of the Israeli state.

The support for the establishment of a Zionist Israel also had an anti-Semitic angle to it, which still is a prominent trend in fascist politics of Europe and North America. The European ruling classes wanted to purge the Jewish population by duping them with a promise of a “promised land” and force them to migrate to the new land from their home countries, in search of security and spiritual salvation. The US ruling classes, who are anti-Semitic in character, also wanted to lure the Jewish people into a trap laid by it, which aimed at securing the colonial hegemony in oil-rich Middle East Asia using a satellite military outpost, the state of Israel.

The Zionist Israeli regime occupied Western Jerusalem by force in 1948 and in 1967, they occupied East Jerusalem after the Arab-Israel war. In 1980, the Zionist Israel adopted a law called the Jerusalem Law, which said that “Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel”. The law was declared “null and void” by the United Nations Security Council in August 1980 in a 14-1 voting, in which the US abstained and the UNSC resolution called upon countries to withdraw their embassies from Jerusalem.

When the US, which is notorious for using the UN and the UNSC as its appendage to farther vicious imperialist agendas, violated another crucial UNSC resolution and declared its intention to overturn it, then the international community, which would leave no stone unturned to condemn countries like North Korea or Syria for protecting their sovereignty, impose trade blockades against those countries at the behest of the US imperialism, gave a tepid response and restricted itself only in a voting, which criticised the Trump regime’s action in meek terms, without providing any framework or option for taking punitive actions against the fascist lunatic and his warmonger and white supremacist regime.

The American Ambassador to the UN, the serial hate monger and an ardent bootlicker of the US ruling class, Nikki Haley condemned the UN voting on the decision of Donald Trump regime and called it an uncalled for interference in the internal matters of the US. While saying this, Nikki Haley forgot to mention that it’s her master’s regime that is infamous in the world for interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, for acting as the watchdog of the world and for carrying out atrocities on the people of the world by bombing them, attacking their sovereignty using brute force to colonise them and support the murderous thugs who rule the neo-colonies on its behalf.

Nikki Haley and other running dogs of American imperialism like her, remains quiet on what rights the US and its bootlicker Zionist Israeli regime have that allows them to occupy a sovereign nation like Palestine and turn it into the graveyard for the Arab people and build up a colonial establishment there? She and her coterie remain mute on the interference in the internal matters of the Palestinian and Arab people by the terrorist Zionist Israel, which has killed millions of innocent people along with its ally, the Salafist Saudi monarchy.

It will be unwise to think that mere criticisms and resolutions by the international community, the majority of whom are themselves ruled by running dogs of the US-led imperialist bloc, will deter the Americans, now led by the most unapologetic fascist goon on earth, from siding with the reactionary Zionist Israeli forces in their pursuit to destroy the Palestinian resistance and liberation struggle. Rather, such condemnations and criticisms will have no impact on the US policies that support the murderous pursuits of the Zionist Israeli regime, which helps the US expansionist drive in Middle East Asia. For America and Israel, such resolutions always find their way to the trash bin of international diplomacy.

Rather than pondering on the choice of words to condemn the US decision to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the reasons and implications of the decision must be reviewed critically and how the Palestinian people can fight against this aggression and defeat the conspiracies hatched by the imperialist US and the Zionist Israel nexus must be found and shared with the world. Apart from supporting the Palestinian people in their freedom struggle, any talk about the resolution of the Palestine crisis through dialogue is a sheer lie and a measure to hoodwink the people of Palestine.

The US regime led by fascist warmonger Donald Trump suddenly decided to implement a two-decade-old decision of embassy relocation to Jerusalem because of the severe economic and political crisis it is presently quagmire in. The American economy is at the verge of entering another severe economic crisis due to the intensification of the inherent crisis of monopoly and finance capital, due to the extreme greed of the banks, corporations and the stock market, which will force more people to destitution throughout the world. Their business enterprises aren’t able to fetch the amount of super-profit they seek from the neo-colonies and semi-colonies, thereby, rendering the fascist imperialist bloc drooling for more avenues to earn super-profit.

The only way the US ruling classes can protect their rule and mint super-profit to sustain their imperialist model is by waging incessant wars, which will keep the military-industrial complex of the US and the West oiled and will provide employment to a section of the US society, especially those at the lower rung, who will be sent as cannon fodder of imperialist ambitions to different corners of the world. The conquest of Iran, DPR Korea (North Korea) and other parts of the world, especially the conquest of Cuba and Venezuela by fuelling civil wars, is on the top of American agenda.

While pursuing this agenda, the US has in mind the humiliating defeat it recently faced in Syria, where the Salafist terrorists, including the “moderate rebels” funded officially by the US, the NATO, the Zionist Israel, Islamist fascist Turkey and Wahhabi terrorist Saudi Arabia, and the ISIS, funded by the CIA and the Mossad, were employed by the US and its regional lackeys like Zionist Israel, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and fascist Turkey to Balkanise the Syrian territory and conquer its oil-rich areas. Their joint goal was to topple the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad and establish puppet regimes in its place. This goal is now thwarted by the Syrian Arab Army, supported by the Hezbollah guerrillas, Iran and Russia.

This humiliating defeat of the US in Syria has threatened its hegemony in Middle East Asia and the oil-rich areas that it has already colonised. The military supremacy of the Zionist Israeli state has come under question with the superiority of the battle-hardened Syrian Arab Army, the Hezbollah guerrillas and the Iranian forces, which enjoy the support of Russia. As the influence of these military powers increase in the region, the Zionist Israeli regime will face severe challenges in the coming days and hence, it became imperative for the US to ensure that it can block the passage of the new statehood of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state, which the major world powers have already supported out of compulsion.

The formation of an independent and progressive Palestinian state, on the basis of anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist principles, will mean a setback for the US and the annihilation of the Zionist Israeli regime. The support of the Syrian Arab Army, the Hezbollah and the Iranian government to the forces of Palestine will ensure further humiliation, militarily and politically, for the Zionist Israeli state and thus, the Zionist Israeli regime is now in a spree to expand its illegal occupation on the Palestinian land and properties in Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine by building up settlements and by forcefully occupying apartments and houses of Arabs and then converting them into Israeli property.

Like a foolish man who drops a big stone on his own feet to punish the neighbour, the Zionist Israeli attempt to forcefully change the demographic content of Jerusalem and other occupied territories by forcefully evicting Palestinian homes or by demolishing them using draconian municipal laws that promote apartheid, will help the forces of resistance to unite the last of the Palestinian people and then launch massive liberation struggle with the sole aim of ending the Zionist Israeli domination and occupation on Palestinian soil.

As the Donald Trump regime and its pro-Zionist lackeys will keep amplifying support for the Zionist Israeli aggression on Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine with an aim to colonise territories and drive away the Palestinian Arabs from their homeland, the people’s struggle will also turn its spearhead against the US imperialism and its lackeys apart from the terror-sponsor Zionist Israel regime. The more repression the Zionist Israeli regime will unleash on the people of Palestine, the more intense will be the resistance and the struggle for freedom. The more severe will be the people’s onslaught against the US imperialism and its lackeys.

With the support of the people of the Arab land and that of the world, especially with the support of Syria, Hezbollah, Lebanon and Iran, the Palestinian people will be able to end the apartheid regime of the Zionist Israeli state and overthrow its occupation on the Palestinian land. Only such an intensified liberation struggle that can encircle and defeat the Zionist Israeli regime, the US hegemony in Middle East Asia, can free the people of Palestine. The people, only the people can thwart the conspiracies of the US and the Zionist Israeli regime by liberating Jerusalem and all parts of Palestine that remains under the fascist domination of the Zionist regime.

Donald Trump or any other fascist lunatic warmonger can’t afford to win against the people of Palestine and the Arab world who are fighting for a democratic and progressive future, by liberating themselves from the US colonial rule and its bootlickers like the Zionist Israel and Wahhabi-terrorist Saudi Arabian monarchy. The defeat of the US imperialism and the Zionist Israel in Palestine and Middle East Asia is imminent because, at the end, it’s the progressive forces and causes that are set to win against the forces of reaction and tyranny.

The victory of the forces fighting for a free Palestine is certain, as certain as the establishment of the capital city of a free Palestinian state in Jerusalem. Their victory is certain as it is powered by the selfless devotion and supreme sacrifice made by thousands of Palestinian people and their supporters in a just struggle for freedom and democracy. Their victory, which is certain, will be a historic victory and will dig the grave of Zionist Israel and its master, the US imperialism in the so-called “holy land” of Palestine. The very victory of the people and the collapse of the Zionist Israeli regime will haunt Donald Trump, his Ambassador, Nikki Haley, the imperialist hawks and their Zionist Israeli bed-partners for a long, very long time as the worst nightmare of their lives.

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