Mainstream media propaganda against the Syrian Government on East Ghouta

East Ghouta and Dead Children are new Propaganda Tools of Western MSM

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East Ghouta, dead children and an accused Syrian government are there on your TV screen. Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President who is defending his motherland from the aggression of the US and NATO-backed terrorists since the last seven years, is again accused of killing civilians by the UN and the US officials, who claim that the “regime of Assad” is very evil and must go. When you have finally believed that story and cursed Assad’s “regime” for killing children, as shown on TV or your Facebook timeline, you have helped the US and its lackey corporate media conglomerate to win half the propaganda battle, the next half will be won when you support a bigger war plan against Syria by the US-SaudiIsraelTurkey-Qatar axis for the sake of “humanity” and to save the children. Gaining your conscious endorsement for their war efforts is the goal of the American-Western corporate-controlled mainstream media.

Anyways, off the topic, do you know anything about Yemen, a  country where Saudi bombs didn’t kill any children but probably emancipated them, spiritually, from the miserable life they were living in Yemen. Since 2015 the country reels under a siege due to massive military assault by a foreign country – Saudi Arabia, which is funded and supported by the US and the Zionist Israel and their regional lackeys in the gruesome violence against civilians. Still, your media tells you that elected President Bashar al-Assad is a despot and the monarchies that rule Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan or UAE are actually havens of freedom and democracy. East Ghouta gets the TRP but not the dead children of Yemen, because they aren’t going to fetch a profit.

Until 2011, the intense manipulative power of the American-Western corporate-controlled mainstream media was not felt so strongly after it showed its dirty character by building up support for the US aggression on Iraq. Since 2011, the Western mainstream media and their international lackeys diverted their focus on Syria and started vilifying the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government, following the US-backed Saudi Arabia-Israel-Turkey and Qatar-trained and armed terrorists launching a massive war to usurp power in Syria and establish a theocratic dictatorship, a replica model of the Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in Damascus, where the secular government ruled since the 1960s. Now that a large number of people are deceived into believing that the Syrian government is killing children and innocent civilians in East Ghouta through incessant blitzkrieg of fabricated tales, lies and slanders spread through TV and social media, often using pictures of Gaza and Iraq to substantiate the shoddy claims, the American-Western corporate-controlled mainstream media is expecting better results for its masters in East Ghouta than the goof-ups they have done in East Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor, Homs, etc. where the terrorists sponsored by the US and its allies faced humiliating defeats despite a worldwide campaigning on their behalf.

So what’s the deal with the barbaric death of children and civilian in East Ghouta blamed on the Syrian airstrikes? Is the Syrian government really killing children? What does the government of Bashar al-Assad gains by killing children when it’s trying to ensure larger mass support for the government’s final push against the terrorists occupying Syrian territory and attempting to Balkanise the country to safeguard the Zionist Israeli regime and its military occupation over the region? The Syrian War isn’t a war between the people and a repressive government, as the West will portray it, rather it’s the latter and the former jointly battling the American-Saudi-Israeli nexus and its terrorists. In the last seven years, the Syrian government has turned the table of the war and wiped away the Salafist forces from nearly most corners of Syria, which has irked the US and its Western allies. However, due to the direct involvement of the Russian government, the US or its allies aren’t able to launch a full-scale war against Syria directly and occupy it. They very much want to and they won’t even let you know how many children they will kill if they get the chance to directly occupy Syria. Like your media never told you that 3,600 civilians were killed by the US while they attacked Raqqa last year. Did you know that the US didn’t allow any civilian to flee the city while the US Marines fired 32,000 rounds of artillery shells to level the city, highest shelling since the Vietnam war?

So back to the death of children in Syria. Who is killing the children? The government of Bashar al-Assad or the “moderate rebels” whom the US and its allies want to win the war and establish a government?

Firstly, East Ghouta is 4 km from the capital Damascus and with 400,000 people, it’s in siege for a long time. The city is under attack from the Syrian Air Force not because the government of Bashar al-Assad derives any sadist pleasure by killing children, it’s attacked because thousands of terrorists belonging to the Jaysh al-Islam (Saudi-backed), Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda), Ahrar al-Sham, and Faylaq al-Rahman (the main faction in Jobar, and reported to have received BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles) are holed up East Ghouta and is using the city to launch deadly missile attacks on Syrian capital Damascus and killing civilians, including school children, very frequently. The civilians of East Ghouta aren’t the supporters of the Jaysh al-Islam or Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, rather they are captives and are used as a shield by the terrorists. Men, women and children are equally used as shields and gender violence against women are on high. The terrorists have hoarded all the supplies in the city since the mid of February and have left the people to starve. Their terror has encouraged the majority of the people to support the Syrian Arab Army in its quest for East Ghouta and this is what the US and its allies are seeing as a major threat to one of their few footholds in the war-torn country.

The Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army tried to maintain the “ceasefire” with the terrorists like the Jaysh al-Islam, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda), Ahrar al-Sham, and Faylaq al-Rahman, which was brokered by the UN under the US pressure, for the sake of allowing the people an escape route and save them from being burned alive in cages or hanged in the city corners by the American lapdogs. However, the Jaysh al-Islam kept firing a barrage of missiles, supplied by the US and the NATO, targeting civilian areas of Damascus, killing and injuring many. The Syrian capital experienced the most dreaded missile strikes since 21 February launched by the Jaysh al-Islam to cow the people of the capital city. The Syrian Arab Army was left with no choice to secure Damascus without freeing the East Ghouta from the terrorists and the air strikes started hitting the hideouts and the base of the terrorists, especially their missile stockpiles. The Jaysh al-Islam launched a counter attack and rained missiles on Damascus and attacked the hospitals and civilian areas of East Ghouta to level the city and then blame the Syrian government for the massacre. The terrorists are spreading propaganda using the most dangerous Al-Qaeda affiliates like the White Helmets and by using children, especially the “Bana al-Abed of East Ghouta” – Muhammad Najem, who is now the new weapon in the hands of the West and its mainstream media to depict the government of Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Arab Army as a genocidal force.

[Damage to a school in Damascus due to missile attack by Jaysh al-Islam’s base in East Ghouta. Credit Twitter: @raedsyrian002]

By citing reports from the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, an one-man organisation run by the SIS agent Osama Suleiman from his home in Britain and who has no real connection with the people of Syria but with NATO-backed terrorists, the UNICEF intensified the cacophony demanding an isolation of the Syrian government on diplomatic platforms, an attempt by the UN body to unabashedly lick the boots of Donald Trump and his fascist bandwagon. The UN and the UNICEF, however, remained absolutely mum over the atrocities committed by the Jaysh al-Islam in the occupied East Ghouta, it didn’t utter a word against the 1000 missiles fired by the US ally terrorists targeting Damascus. The Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaffri gave a befitting reply to the US imperialism-led imperialist bloc during his speech on the present situation in Syria. During his speech, as can be found in the video shared below, the Syrian Ambassador to the UN lambasted the hypocrisy of the UN Security Council and its members like the US, the UK and France, who have played a very notorious role in history by launching aggressions on countries around the world to fulfil their imperialist agenda.

History is a witness that the United Nations has worked in tandem with the imperialist powers of the West, especially the US, ever since its inception, despite wearing a sham mask of neutrality. The ineffectiveness, the lackeyism and the absolute obeisance of the UN to the US and its imperialist allies have been visible since the US started its imperialist wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. The connivance between the US-led imperialist bloc and the UN can be seen in the latter’s endorsement of curbs and blockades by the US and its allies against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran and Syria to oust their governments. The UN will cry loud for dead American soldiers, but it will remain conspicuously silent over the killing of Syrian Arab Army soldiers by the terrorists sponsored by the West. The sheer hypocrisy and double-dealing of the UN on the issue of Syria and its tactical support to the US and its Gulf allies against the government of Syria shows that the UN has also carved a space for itself among the enemies of the people of the world.

East Ghouta is an integral part of Syria and it’s annexed by the terrorists like Jaysh al-Islam and other Al-Qaeda appendages to destabilise the government of Syria and bring forth a puppet government that would liquidate the resources of the Syrian state and sell-off the national assets to the foreign capital. The battle to liberate East Ghouta by the Syrian Arab Army is legitimised as it’s actually a war against the imperialist forces that want to colonise Syria and turn it into a bulwark of reactionary sectarian violence, following the “Iraq model” or “Libya model” that the West and the NATO-created. The death of the children, as shown by the Syrian media and the independent and critical journalists around the world, is caused due to the artillery firing by the US-sponsored terrorists, the usage of human shields by the terrorists like the Jaysh al-Islam and other outfits in East Ghouta.

More civilians have died due to American attacks and terror strikes on Syria than those who died an unfortunate death due to government strikes on terror units and bases. However, the corporate-controlled Western mainstream media and the international community of pro-imperialist rulers will continue to highlight the “atrocities of the Assad regime” or the violence meted out by “Assad’s Army” to score brownie points. Their verbiage, which calls a legitimate government of Syria as “Assad regime” and the Syrian Arab Army as “Assad’s Army” show that these media houses, the politicians and diplomats who are making a living out of the sufferings of the Syrian people, are actually the die-hard lapdogs of the Donald Trump regime and would go any miles to support Trump’s army and terror battalions in their effort to seize control of Syria. This makes them a partner-in-crime of the Trump regime and the numerous innocent civilians, including women and children, it has killed so far.

Now that the Syrian Arab Army is ensuring that the terrorists holding up in East Ghouta will be wiped-off like in other parts of the war-torn country and the people will be freed, the Western imperialists have found themselves in deep crisis, as their investments to build up a “resistance” force of terrorists against the Syrian government, the narrative of “freedom fighting tyranny and despotism” has failed and they will not get any sort of returns on their investment, forget rewards for the effort and labour they invested in building an anti-Syria narrative globally since 2011. The frustration is resulting in their efforts to portray the Syrian government in the darkest shades possible, vilify it by killing children and innocent civilians and plan out large-scale chemical attacks against the civilians in the terrorist-occupied territories to build-up, for the last time, a worldwide sympathetic support wave for the Jaysh al-Islam, Al-Nusra, ISIS, etc. The Syrian Ambassador to the UN has actually exposed their plan and in case the imperialists still proceed with such a catastrophic agenda, they will stand exposed and condemned worldwide.

Winning victory in Syria is important for the US and its Western NATO allies as well as the regional gulf allies like Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Zionist Israel because with the liquidation of an independent Syrian nation and an anti-imperialist power in Arab world, it will be easier for the Saudi Arabia-funded Salafist terror groups and religious fundamentalists to spread sectarian discord and violence in the region; it will be easier for the Zionist Israeli regime to absorb the Golan Heights permanently under the US supervision and it will also annex parts of the Balkanised Syrian territory to expand the Zionist empire geographically. The victory of the imperialist forces will also help the Zionist Israeli forces to suppress the Palestinian liberation struggle with ease and kill more innocents in the occupied territories, it will also increase risks for the sovereign Egyptian state, as it will come into the expansionist radar of the Zionist Israeli forces and become vulnerable to an attack.

To prevent the rule of the despotic and tyrant zealots who aim to fuel crisis in Middle-East Asia to preserve American interests in the region until oil can be extracted, it’s imperative for the Syrian nationalist forces, the united front of the Syrian government, the left-wing democrats and other patriotic forces, supported by Hezbollah and Russian Air Force, to win the war and eradicate the presence of imperialist support blocs from the territory of Syria. East Ghouta, therefore, must be freed by the Syrian Arab Army, to ensure the establishment of Syrian sovereignty and also to save children and civilians from getting butchered by the terrorists funded by the enemies of Syrian people. East Ghouta will surely pave the way to the establishment of a new Syria, free from imperialist colonisation and religious fundamentalism. Such a Syria will be a thorn in the eyes of the Western mainstream media and their masters, the Donald Trump regime, the big banks and corporations. East Ghouta is going to be the next nail in the coffin of imperialism, Zionism and Salafism in the Syrian territory, the pain of the nailing is visible today in the moaning of the mainstream media.

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