RSS Armed Rally VHP and Bajrang Dal Terrorists

CIA Calling VHP & Bajrang Dal Militant Organisations due to US Agenda


In its World Fact Book 2017, the CIA called the VHP and the Bajrang Dal “militant religious” organisations, causing an uproar in the Hindutva fascist camp. The VHP has threatened a global protest against the US secret service agency unless the remarks are withdrawn from the report. Many BJP leaders are even threatening to sue the CIA in a court of New Delhi for including the name of RSS-affiliate organisations and calling them “militant” in the report, while many liberal-democrats and Congress supporters are jubilating as if the report will end the reign of Hindutva tyranny over India.

With the RSS and its affiliate organisations, including the parliamentary wing BJP, jumping into the fray to protect the VHP and the Bajrang Dal, and while the Congress-led right-wing opposition camp is celebrating the CIA report, the left, democratic and anti-fascist forces must not flow with any of these currents and do an independent critical analysis of the CIA report to come to a conclusion about it.

The CIA report, World Fact Book, is not an investigative report that calls for any punitive actions or sanctions against the organisations named in it. It has no international significance and it’s only a data sheet on India like other countries of the world. This fact sheet is available for each country and it’s compiled using data that’s available on public domain. In a nutshell, it’s not a special report compiled by the secret service organisation but one that it can put for public view on its website.

If we critically analyse the report, we will find that though the CIA has labelled the VHP and the Bajrang Dal as militant religious organisations, it has not named them in the list of terrorist organisations operating in India, where it has only listed the Islamist terror organisations that the CIA itself helped in founding as part of its global programme of spreading terrorism to build up a narrative of a global enemy – Islamic terrorism, to combat which the US can have more military engagement and thereby, more profits for its military-industrial complex.

When it comes to the origin of the VHP and the Bajrang Dal, we will find that they came into being as affiliates of the RSS, the fountain-head of Hindutva fascist terrorism, which was born in the womb of British colonial rule with the sole aim of preserving feudalism, comprador capitalism and imperialist rule on India. The RSS has always received strong support from the CIA, the Zionist Israeli secret service organisation-Mossad and the British MI6 or SIS due to its staunch anti-communist and rabid communal credentials.

During the British colonial rule, the RSS continuously helped to strengthen the imperialist rule by hammering on the communal unity of the Hindus and Muslims who fought against the British imperialism together. Along with the Muslim League, the RSS triggered several communal riots and genocide in the country to prevent an imminent Bolshevik-style revolutionary overthrow of the British rule. Since 1947, when direct colonial rule ended and India became a semi-colony of Britain, the US and other Western powers, the RSS played the role of a loyal lackey of imperialism, especially the US imperialism, and ensured that its people promote the interest of the US in all spheres of politics, economy and culture.

Thanks to the RSS and the Brahmanical supremacy that it promotes, the majority of the upper-caste elite Hindus consider the US as an ally of India and endorse the imperialist control of India through a plethora of unequal trade deals, treaties, military tie-ups and investment done by foreign corporations. This is a reason, the RSS has been the most favourite Indian lapdog of the US and its Western allies and they have helped the RSS and its parliamentary wings like the BJS (now dissolved) and BJP (now active) to grow stronger.

Following the diktats of the US ruling classes, the RSS had forged strong strategic alliance with the Zionist Israeli regime and it has, through its intellectual and propaganda wings, portrayed the terrorist Zionist regime as a strong power that’s capable of defending itself from an evil “Islamist” aggression and made the Zionist Israel a role model for the Indian upper-caste Hindu elites and middle-class.

The CIA-supported Zionist lobby has been liberal in funding the RSS and training its cadres. The RSS leads a few million strong armed rabid Hindutva fascist terrorists and during an investigation into a number of serial bomb blasts, the Maharashtra ATS, then led by Hemant Karkare (killed during November 2008 attack on Mumbai), unearthed an unholy nexus between the RSS and the terrorist incidents. Many key RSS functionaries like Aseemanand (Naba Kumar), Sadhvi Pragya and Colonel Purohit were arrested, however, with the ascension of Narendra Modi to power, the cases against them were diluted.

Scholars like historian Amaresh Mishra, using historical facts and figures, have shown that the RSS is complicit in terrorism in India and has played a crucial role in erecting the image of “Islamist terrorism” in India by executing several terror incidents along with the Indian secret service R&AW, an organisation that has RSS men at all influential positions since last four decades. However, despite being instrumental in instigating numerous riots, despite organising the most gruesome genocides of Muslims and Christians in the country, despite organising the demolition of Babri Masjid, despite being complicit in different acts of terror, the CIA and the US corporate-controlled mainstream media will always call the RSS and its progeny, the BJP – Hindu nationalist organisations.

The term “Hindu nationalist” is used as a mask by the Western imperialist propaganda and intelligence machinery to prevent the RSS and its affiliate organisations, which subscribe to the same terrorist Hindutva fascist ideology, from being known as what they are – Hindutva terrorists. The abrupt denial to include the RSS in the list of terrorist organisations, where many communist and democratic organisations fighting for the liberation of people are included for obvious reasons, is actually an abrupt denial of the fact that there can be any other form of religious terrorism except for Islamist. This is a narrative that the ruling classes of the US and its Western lackeys promote as it suits their agenda of occupying the oil-rich Arab countries, colonise them and support the genocide of Palestinian people by the Zionist terrorist Israeli occupation regime.

Today, when the VHP and Bajrang Dal, the very organisations that have international offices in the US and whose leaders are equally close to the Republicans and Democrats, are termed as “militant” religious organisations, then too, the CIA is actually not deviating from its own line, which allows it to create terrorist organisations, like the Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. in the first place, and then call them terrorist to help the military-industrial complex of the US in the later phase. As a “militant” organisation, VHP and Bajrang Dal will still be called safe baits, despite the fact that they organise the highest number of armed military training sessions for their hired mercenaries and orchestrate communal violence, genocide, gang rapes and brutal lynching of Muslims all over the year.

One may ask, what made the CIA label two of its own lackeys as militant organisations and bring up the controversy? The underlying reason for it, apart from the usual practice of labelling its own lackeys as terrorists, is that the CIA wants these organisations to carry out the work of religious polarisation, hate mongering and rioting with far more vigour and intensity than before. As the CIA’s most trusted Narendra Modi regime seeks a re-election amidst growing waves of anti-incumbency, it will be only religious polarisation, politics over beef and Muslim lynching that can help it secure a second term; the final term indeed, in which the Modi regime will be able to formally change India into a Hindutva theocratic dictatorship.

By calling the VHP and its youth wing militant organisations, while maintaining the “nationalist” status for the parent organisation RSS, the CIA is allowing these organisations to play a key role, especially over Ayodhya issue, over the issue of beef lynchings and forceful religious conversions, to help the BJP return to power in 2019. The CIA wants the Western media to separate the actions of these organisations from the “nationalist” RSS and criticise them in isolation, for their heinous crimes, but never conjoin them with the RSS or term their acts as those of terrorism. The CIA is clearly declaring that there’s nothing called Hindutva terrorism in this world.

As it only added the Islamist organisations, except for the LTTE, in the list of terrorist organisations operating in India, therefore, the American establishment will have no issues to directly deal and officially engage with the “Hindu nationalists”, as they will help the US and its big corporations, including the notorious military-industrial complex in extracting huge profit from India. The point that one must see, therefore, is not calling VHP and Bajrang Dal as “militant” organisations, but of calling the anti-national RSS as a “nationalist” organisation. This clarifies the CIA’s outlook and that of the US ruling classes under the fascist Trump regime

The protest by the RSS and VHP-Bajrang Dal members is not any anti-imperialist protest by any patriotic organisation. The very RSS, which is vocal against the inclusion of the VHP and the Bajrang Dal in the World Fact Book of the CIA as militant organisations, is helping the US and its allies to turn India into their military base; it’s the very RSS and the Modi regime controlled by it that’s today selling the country’s vital resources, land, forests, minerals, rivers and manpower to the Western imperialism and their lackey Indian compradors. The RSS or any of its progeny can only do symbolic protests against the US or its allies because at the end of the day unless funded by the CIA or organisations like it, the entire Hindutva fascist industry will collapse with its under-construction empire. Beware! The worst times are yet to come.

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