Kundan Chandrawat Calls for Kerala CM's Murder

Bounty on Kerala CM by RSS Leader Kundan Chandrawat is not a Joke


RSS Leader Kundan Chandrawat Issued Death Threat to Kerala Chief Minister

Ujjain’s RSS leader Kundan Chandrawat declared a bounty of ₹1 crore on the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan during a public gathering on 3rd March in the presence of local BJP leader and MP Chintamani Malviya.

Kundan Chandrawat said that he has a property worth ₹1 crore and will transfer the same to someone who can kill Pinarayi Vijayan. Kundan Chandrawat said he will offer a garland of 300,000 anti-beef stirhuman skulls to the deity of “Bharat Mata” (India goddess), hinting towards a possible massacre plan adopted by the RSS.

The RSS stalwart of Ujjain, Kundan Chandrawat didn’t blink his eyes when he reminded the leftists and the opposition, who were targeted by him during this fiery hate speech, that the RSS has sent to graves 2000 Muslims to avenge the killing of 56 Hindus in Godhra. He warned the left and democratic forces the same fate if they continue to oppose the RSS’ fascist aggression.

This hate speech by Kundan Chandrawat was dismissed as “loose-cannon” talk by many regime supporters and the RSS distanced themselves from the claims made by its leader of Ujjain. The RSS removed Kundan Chandrawat from all posts, but let him remain a Swayamsevak, i.e a volunteer of the fascist militia whom none can dismiss.

BJP leader Chintamani Malviya told the media that the “pent-up anger” that was caused by the CPI(M) workers’ attack on RSS militia in Kerala has provoked Kundan Chandrawat to declare the bounty on the Kerala Chief Minister. On the other hand, Kundan Chandrawat remained firm on his words for a long time and told the media that he was “overwhelmed” by the support he received from the RSS and BJP members and supporters present at the venue of the gathering. The thunderous applause by the murderous thugs raised his spirits to the seventh heaven.

Later, under pressure from the Nagpur headquarters of the RSS, which was busy in damage control mechanism, Kundan Chandrawat retracted his statement without apologising for what he said. The RSS started a damage control exercise through the corporate media houses, which published the RSS’ disowning of Kundan Chandrawat and his subsequent suspension from the leadership rank. Later an F.I.R was filed against Kundan Chandrawat under section 505 1(B) of the Indian Penal Code. But he was not arrested and until now no investigation has started in the case of threatening the Chief Minister of Kerala with death.

The war between the RSS and the CPI(M) in Kerala

Kundan Chandrawat made the diabolic speech at an RSS event that was organised to oppose the so-called targetted killings of the Hindutva fanatics of the RSS by the CPM goons in Kerala. The CPM punctured the RSS’ chariot in the southern state where the proponents of Brahminical Hindutva fascism wanted to establish the BJP as the only alternative to the Congress and the IUML. The BJP could manage to win just one seat to the assembly, its maiden one in the southern state, during the assembly elections held in 2016.

The BJP in Kerala is entirely based on the organisational strength of the RSS, which is working overtime to impose the North Indian Hindutva values and cow-worshipping practices on the Malayali society fragmented by caste rivalries. The tampering of the Malayali culture by the RSS and its advocacy of Brahminical hegemony and allegiance to the Hindi language has not gone well down the Malayali society and the people thumbed down each attempt of the saffron brigade to create a ruckus on communal grounds in the state.

When the BJP couldn’t manage to pose a serious challenge to the Malayali politics despite spending billions of rupees in the poll fray and when the state government imposed a ban on arms and ammunition training conducted at RSS camps, the frustration level within the RSS top brass increased manifold and they ordered their state unit of Kerala to adopt the most violent methods to physically eliminate the CPM cadres so that the fear of the RSS members can be instilled among the common people and the opposition space to the Congress and the IUML can be occupied by the RSS-BJP in the state.

The desperation in the ranks of the RSS and subsequently in the ranks of the BJP was intensified due to the unique characteristic of the Malayali Hindu society, especially the non-Brahmins, which is quite different than the model followed by North and West Indian Savarna Hindus. Though Kerala has severe caste apartheid in practice, which is visible even among Catholics and Syrian Catholics, due to several anti-caste and anti-Brahminical movements in the state and a long history of communist influenced worker-peasant movements, the social engineering of the Malayali society has changed to some extent and the class struggle for land, power, and emancipation has thrashed the Brahminical hegemony time again.

Alike their Tamil neighbours, the Malayali people also take immense pride in their language and culture, which is, until now, free from the North Indian Hindi and Hindutva aggression. Though a deeply divided feudal society in Kerala has its own host of problems and peculiar form of oppression, the state is free from the North Indian Hindi influence largely, which has rendered the saffron bloc a tiny faction in the state.

Beef consumption is another topic that has sent the RSS and the BJP to the backfoot. The consumption of beef is widespread in Kerala and a large section of the non-Brahmin Hindus relish the meat of the cow. The RSS tried in vain to carry out an anti-beef stir in the state and polarise the masses, however, they failed drastically to score any political brownie before the assembly elections held last year. Rather the raid conducted by the BJP controlled Delhi Police on the Kerala house in the national capital following a tip-off from cow vigilantes on beef fry being sold, smothered the fate of the saffron brigade in the state, despite them tying knots with the socio-cultural groups of the state and working extensively to win the support of Dalits, Tribals, and Catholics.

The “pent-up” anger of the RSS and the BJP over the loss they suffered in the last assembly elections, both in terms of money and time, and their desperation to become a strong force in Kerala for the Congress and the LDF to reckon with, has unleashed a new wave of terror in the state in which scores of CPM supporters were killed, wounded or tortured by the RSS goons. The victims are generally the low rung cadres and poor supporters of the CPM and the attackers are mostly from the affluent background and are upper-caste Hindus or North Indian mercenaries.

Nearly 30 per cent of the RSS militia propaganda chiefs in the state are non-Malayali and North Indians, who are deputed by the RSS headquarters in Nagpur to carry out an all out vicious propaganda against the Muslims and Christians in the state and crack the communal harmony that is prevalent in most of Kerala since last many years. The RSS is also pushing in the North Indian Hindu cultures and consolidating its base in the state by using the age-old practices of the Malayali Hindus. ()

The RSS leadership got immense morale booster from a friendly Congress regime earlier, which allowed the menace of Hindutva to unfold itself in the state and spread the toxicity of communal propaganda in the very state which remained aloof from the Hindutva brigade until the late 1990s. The RSS faced trouble when the regimented CPM-led LDF could wean away the entire anti-Congress wave in its favour and formed the government on its own, which was a political setback for the Modi regime’s Congress-free (opposition free) India drive. The loss of money, time, and efforts has incensed the madness of the saffron bull and it’s on a rampage now, destroying everything crimson in sight.

The CPM’s opportunism providing breeding ground to Hindutva terror

In Kerala, the CPM is a ruling party, the principal alliance partner in the LDF and an organised party with a large cadre base. Unlike New Delhi, the CPM in Kerala doesn’t talk about opposing the neo-liberal economic policies and is a staunch supporter of the IMF-World Bank sponsored economic plans. It’s a party that unleashes state repression on the working class and peasant movements, should they try to carry out militant struggle against the corporate and feudal rule.

Following the pro-capitalist model of the Communist Party of China, the CPM in Kerala has provided leverage to foreign corporate houses, but it has also provided free reign to the feudal landlords from the upper-caste Hindu families, mostly the Brahmins. The CPM, alike its competitor Congress and the BJP, is serving the interests of foreign and Indian corporate lobby in the most loyal way. Apart from its periodic lip service to Marxist ideology and waving of the crimson banner on certain occasions, the CPM has no real connection with the practice of the ideology it officially adheres to.

The CPM is projected by the mainstream media owned by the corporate houses as the sole representative of the Indian “left” and “communist movement” and its victory or failure in polls are presented in the media as the victory and failure of the communist movement of India itself. The CPM leaders along with their CPI counterparts are most sought after by the scribes of the mainstream media whenever they are in a dire need for a byte from the “left” of India on any burning topic. Their “revolutionary” and “Marxist” images are erected by the same corporate media to make them identical with the ideology of the left in India so that the people can be fooled into believing that whatever the CPM or its partners do, is the real practice of communist ideology.

In West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee brought a colossal damage to the “Left Front” empire after it ruled the state unchallenged for 34 years. By pursuing a shameless corporate appeasement policy and by suppressing the popular mass uprisings against its tyranny using the feudal militia, the CPM led Left Front dug its own grave in the state during its last tenure (2006-11). The victory of Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress in 2011 was hailed by its former partner BJP as a great achievement and since then, in connivance with the TMC, the BJP and other Hindutva organisations were able to expand their base in the hinterland of West Bengal and smuggled the North Indian Hindi domination into the state. Since then the state has turned into a new laboratory for the Hindutva brigade, which is fuelling communal tensions between the dominant Hindus and minority Muslims on each occasion with full support and patronage from the state government.

The same experiment, which Mamata Banerjee carried out successfully in West Bengal, is put into practice by the RSS in Kerala. The utmost frustration of the rural poor, the urban unemployed youth, and the genuine hatred towards the “left” that brews among the upper-caste elites of Kerala is tapped by the RSS to farther its organisational reach.

The fall of a “left” regime in their last bastion (apart from insignificant Tripura, unknown to the North Indian upper-caste elites) will be an excellent scoring opportunity for the Hindutva brigade led by the RSS in the ideological battleground, where the RSS is facing a stiff challenge from the other left forces (except the CPI/CPM) throughout the country. The mediocre RSS can then prove that its intellectually challenged ideology is supreme than the “foreign Marxism” and affirm Hindutva as an invincible ideology.

While the RSS is relentless and its clashes with the CPM is increasing every day, the ruling LDF is reluctant to take on the saffron brigade politically and by manifesting sheer opportunism the CPM is going into a denial mode regarding the communal menace that looms large on Kerala. The CPM is more keen to cull the Maoists through large-scale police operation in the state rather than the containing the violence unleashed by the RSS and its affiliates in the state. This is the very reason why the Kerala Chief Minister brushed aside his death fatwa issued by a Hindutva terror monger like Kundan Chandrawat and very soon three DYFI supporters were attacked by the RSS mercenaries in Palakkad.

The CPM has diverted the struggle against Hindutva fascism to a bloody power struggle to retain its parliamentary supremacy in the state. Rather than using its mass organisations and party organisation to arouse the people, especially the downtrodden and oppressed people of the state against the saffron terror through ideological propaganda and education, it’s falling into the trap laid by the RSS and thereby losing the opportunity to expose the Hindutva terror plots hatched by the saffron bloc before the people.

RSS propaganda on Kerala

Though the violence in Kerala is abetted by the RSS itself, but the organisation and its affiliates, like the BJP, are carrying out a propaganda against the entire “left” and democratic forces, blaming them of murdering “Hindu men” in the southern state. Despite being the perpetrator of violence in Kerala, the RSS is crying victim to open the possibilities of a Presidential rule on the state by dismissing the LDF government, citing law and order deterioration as the reason.

When Kundan Chandrawat started spewing his venom against Pinarayi Vijayan and asked for his blood and declared that the RSS will carry out a Gujarat style massacre that will kill so many people that he can make a garland out of 300,000 human skulls to offer to the “Bharat Mata”, he actually didn’t fired salvo at the Kerala Chief Minister out of thin air. Rather, Kundan Chandrawat issued a sub-layered threat to the entire left bloc, including the progressive and radical left forces, of the country who are battling the Hindutva menace day in and out, in the farms, factories, and university campuses.

At present, the students across the university campuses of the country are facing a serious threat from the Modi government sponsored ABVP goons. The Delhi University students were publicly thrashed by the ABVP goons with active support from the policemen a year after a JNU student leader was nearly lynched in the Patiala court compound by a group of Hindutva thugs led by Delhi’s BJP MLA O.P. Sharma.

As the RSS is facing setbacks in the battle with the workers, peasants, students, youth, Dalits, Tribal people, and other marginalised communities on the moral and political grounds, it’s, therefore, planning out a violent onslaught on the dissenting voices, the critical minds, the democratic forces. It’s to execute this very large-scale pogrom against the democratic bloc by polarising the upper-caste Hindu elites and hired mercenaries from it shakhas throughout the nation that the RSS and its affiliates are promoting vigorously.

Kundan Chandrawat has just opened the lid of the can of worms in the closet of the RSS and allowed the public a quick peek inside it, where the plan to carry out large-scale massacres through riots, mob violence, and communal pogroms is breeding on a large-scale. Apart from its usual vitriol against the Muslims and Christians, the RSS is dedicating its entire resources and money to build up a fascist army that can carry out large-scale massacres of left and democratic forces in the country following the style adopted by military dictator Suharto of Indonesia.

As the left and democratic forces are constantly exposing the Modi government’s bankruptcy, its servility to the interests of the foreign monopoly and finance capital and Indian corporate houses, and its utmost support to the geo-political ambitions of the US government in South East Asia in particular and Asia in general, the BJP and its mentor RSS are considering the democratic forces its principal enemy and that’s why, apart from their routine threats to Muslims and Christians, RSS leaders like Kundan Chandrawat are openly threatening the left and democratic forces with large-scale massacres using xenophobic campaigns.

To ignore the ominous vitriol of Kundan Chandrawat as an isolated incident or considering it as an act of a loose cannon trying to grab attention in media will be a blunder. Kundan Chandrawat has shown the gory atrocities that the RSS and its affiliate organisations committed in the past and still gloats about and he threatened a Chief Minister of a state with murder, and for those in politics, these are not part of a quotidian existence.

The threat of killing the Kerala Chief Minister issued by Kundan Chandrawat last week and the subsequent confession of the RSS leader about sending thousands of Muslims to grave after a state-sponsored genocide in Gujarat, calls for a deep introspection among the very forces that are fighting against the fascist brigade to uphold democracy, secularism, and freedom of the people; so that they can identify their weakness vis a vis the RSS and BJP’s strategy and prepare themselves for the danger that’s yet to come and defeat the fascist menace through perseverance and steadfast struggle. The future of India is dependent on the political battle between the Hindutva brigade on one hand and the entire democratic forces on the other hand, and the victory of the latter is crucial for the sustenance of democracy and democratic practices in the country.

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