Kerala Flood

Zionist Israel Allowed to Send Relief to Kerala by Modi’s Double Standard

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The Modi regime has successfully stalled the proposed “no-strings-attached” foreign relief and aid to flood-ravaged Kerala, where 350 people have died so far, 265 since 8 August, and more than three million people are badly affected by the flood, among them, 869,124 are still living in relief camps. The offers from the UAE government and the United Nations were declined by the Modi regime by citing a precedent set by the previous UPA regime, which didn’t take foreign aid during the Tsunami of 2004.

It may sound quite patriotic at times to decline foreign aid and show self-reliance in high esteem, especially when the RSS-led Hindutva bigot club has nothing else to tomtom about amidst a severe natural calamity in which it played an adverse role, however, the “patriotic” fervour of the Modi regime’s decision is as hollow as the ideology of the Sangh Parivar. Despite refusing to accept relief from the UAE or the UN, the Modi regime has allowed the Zionist Israeli regime to send relief materials to Kerala in an ongoing attempt by the terrorist occupation clique to portray its “human” side to the non-Arab and non-Muslim countries in order to increase its PR quotient.

According to reports, the RSS-led Hindutva fascists have helped the Bengaluru-based Zionist Israeli Consul, Dana Koresh, to send relief materials to Kerala so that the Zionist terrorists could be shown as “friends” of the people of Kerala, where the society is fast polarised into antagonistic religious and sectarian lines, thanks to the intensified activities of the RSS and the Muslim League – Social Democratic Party of India. It’s a very calculated effort by the Hindutva fascist camp to consolidate its presence in Kerala, where its attempts to polarise voters on religious line faced debacle repeatedly. By aligning with the Zionist Israeli terrorists, the RSS is trying to show that it’s helping the people of Kerala when it has actually done nothing substantial to help the flood-affected people.

It’s normal for the RSS and the entire Hindutva fascist camp led by it to support the Zionist Israeli terrorists as they both share a common fascist ideology that calls for building nationhood using religious identity. From VD Savarkar, the Hindutva hate monger ideologue, to Narendra Modi, all Hindutva stalwarts have been servile to the Zionist terrorist ideology and want to replicate the apartheid policy used by the Zionist occupiers in Palestine against the Arab people in India against Muslims, Christians, Dalits and tribals. The RSS and the BJP also shares a common Islamophobic viewpoint with the Zionist Israeli terrorists.

Thus, ever since Atal Bihari Vajpayee gifted India a six-year-long Hindutva fascist government in coalition with other soft-Hindutva powers, India experienced a very tight knitting of diplomatic interests with the Zionist Israel at the cost of turning away its traditional Arab allies. Now, under the unchallenged dominance of Narendra Modi and the Hindutva fascist brigade led by the RSS, it’s normal to see that the Indian rulers to help the Zionist Israeli forces, their NGOs and the Zionist terrorist rulers to build a positive image in India through their PR campaigns using the Kerala flood as a pretext. However, it will be totally wrong to solely blame the BJP and the Modi regime for this free publicity offered to the Zionist Israelis in Kerala.

Mayor of Cochin, Soumini Jain, who belongs to the Congress Party, helped the Zionist Israeli forces to distribute the relief material among the people. The Congress’ hand-in-glove equation with the Zionist Israel revealed itself repeatedly before the people since the 1960s. Despite its tall rhetoric on Non-Alignment Movement and pledge to support the anti-colonial struggle around the world, the Congress, as a soft-Hindutva fascist organisation, has always tilted towards the US-Zionist Israel nexus, whenever it had been convenient for it to do so in public. The recent silence of the Congress on the intrusion of the Zionist Israel in a calamity where the Modi government is reluctant to allow foreign powers to play any role, reveals the filthy nexus in play at the highest echelon of power in India.

The Kerala flood is a calamity in which the whole nation stood by the people of Kerala and tried to offer them all type of support and assistance possible. It was not a very nice thing to punish the people of Kerala by cutting their disaster relief allocation by the RSS-led Modi regime for the Hindutva camp’s utter failure in translating its upper-caste Hindu support base in the state into votes. The BJP’s decision to say no to foreign aid is as criminal as its support to the Zionist Israeli Consul to proceed with the relief materials sent by a terrorist state to the people of Kerala who have repeatedly stood beside the oppressed and exploited people of the world, including the Palestinian people fighting for their liberation from the Zionist Israeli occupiers. It’s indeed a heinous act to politically score brownies over a calamity like the Kerala flood, however, then, what better can the people of Kerala expect from a sheer communal and fascist political bloc that survives on spewing hatred and by inciting violence?

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