The Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine has dug the grave for the West in the Middle East

The Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine has dug the grave for the West in the Middle East


The West is facing a global backlash due to its unequivocal support for the Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine. While the so-called democracies like France, the UK, etc, are unleashing state repression on their citizens who are protesting the genocide, their grip on the Middle East, even on the most pro-western monarchies, is slackening.

Recently, US President Joe Biden‘s Jordan visit, after his Israel visit, to attend a four-party meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and King Abdullah II of Jordan. But Jordan, once close to the US, cancelled the meeting. This signalled how the Middle East is now exhibiting defiance to the US-led West.

Arab countries close to the US, like Saudi Arabia, have been forced to take a stand against the West, against the Zionist genocide, to avoid public outrage at home. As a result, the once-warring Saudi Arabia and Iran are believed to have drawn closer, much to the dismay of the West. They are collectively raising the concern over Palestinian lives, causing much ignominy for the West in the Middle East.

Apart from Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, and the UAE, Zionist Israel doesn’t have diplomatic relations with any country in the Arab world. Despite establishing relations with Zionist Israel under US pressure, due to the Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine, even these states are currently speaking out against the West’s formula, and its appeasement of the genocidal regime. Now the big question is–who is benefiting from this geopolitically important region?

Anti-Western sentiment has intensified in the Arab world, and the entire Global South, as the US and other Western powers continue supporting the Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine. As a result, China and Russia have been able to expand their influence on the people of the region and, through them, their governments.

There is no need to repeat that the West has allied itself against Russia and China in the “Second Cold War” across the world. But this new lease of the Cold War didn’t fetch the expected results for the West. The West faced a major setback to its domination after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation to de-Nazify Ukraine in February 2022.

Most countries in the Global South refused to join the anti-Russian bandwagon of the West. They preferred multilateralism over US hegemony. Most of the Global South countries prioritised their national interests rather than obeying the US’s diktats. They ignored the West’s frowns and continued trading with Russia, lampooning the Western sanctions.

In the meantime, the news is that Russia is able to increase its influence in the Middle East and Africa due to its firm stand against the West. As a result, the Biden administration’s plan to isolate Russia over the Ukraine conflict failed.

China has already expanded its influence using the Belt-Road Initiative or BRI project. Currently, the US’s provocative military activities in the South China Sea have intensified as China tries to reclaim Taiwan. However, China did not give up but vowed to take back its lost territory with more determination. This has escalated tension between China and the West, which caused a polarisation between the Global South and the West as well.

In this situation, although the Biden administration thought that the current events would force all countries to isolate China, most of the countries in the Global South still continue to maintain good relations with Beijing. As a result, the project of the West suffered a setback.

But even worse than these events, the US and the West are currently facing severe isolation over their support for the Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine. By supporting the Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine, they have not only created public opinion in the Middle East and Africa against their colonial mentality, but they have also turned the progressive and democratic forces of their own country against themselves.

The manner in which China and Russia have proposed and demanded an immediate ceasefire and cessation of hostilities in the United Nations and other platforms, to immediately stop the massacre of innocent citizens of Gaza, has won them support in the Arab world as well.

As a result, just as the US and Western powers have dug their own graves in this crucial region of the world by supporting the Zionist Israeli attack on Palestine, and providing Tel Aviv with the logistics to continue this genocide, the countries of the Global South are also upping the ante against them. The emergence of a multipolar world order has become more relevant in these circumstances.

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