Modi and Suu Kyi joins hand in Rohingya Muslim genocide

Narendra Modi Meets Suu Kyi & Rohingya Genocide is Subtly Endorsed


Rare moments are always frame-worthy, especially if it’s a historic handshake between two of the most notorious Muslim-killers of our time. Narendra Modi met Aung San Suu Kyi, the Myanmar government’s caretaker and defacto leader, during his Myanmar visit at Naypyitaw. Modi, accused of being the chief architect of the 2002 Gujarat anti-Muslim pogrom, praised the genocide done by the Myanmar Army in the Rakhine province of the impoverished country, where hundreds of Rohingya Muslims are massacred, which forced nearly 142,000 of the 1.1 million Rohingyas to flee from the violence-inflicted province.

The meeting between Narendra Modi and Aung San Suu Kyi was a phenomenal meeting between two fascist stalwarts, who are united by their pro-US and anti-Muslim political standpoints. Both of them are strongly supporting majoritarian theological fascism in their countries, and, under the guise of developing the economy, both of these leaders are selling their country’s resources and manpower to the US-led Western bloc and their monopoly capital-owned big corporate sharks.

The report of the meeting between Narendra Modi and Aung San Suu Kyi in Naypyitaw was published in The Telegraph, Kolkata. The newspaper quoted Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying to Suu Kyi:

“We share your concerns about extremist violence in Rakhine state and specially the violence against security forces and how innocent lives have been affected.”

“We hope that all the stakeholders together can find a way out in which the unity and territorial integrity of Myanmar is respected and at the same time we can have peace, justice dignity and democratic values for all(sic).”

In his obscure comments on Myanmar’s present condition, which is soaked in the blood of innocent Rohingya men, women and children, Narendra Modi didn’t condemn the ongoing genocide by the Myanmar Army, rather by emphasising on the Indian ruling clique’s concern “specially” over the “the violence against security forces,” referring to the series of attacks against the Myanmar’s atrocious military bases in Rakhine province on 25 August, which was actually an act of resistance by a small local ethnic-nationalist militant group ARSA, Modi clarified, through a sublayered message, in a shrill tone, that his government will wholeheartedly support the ongoing genocide of Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar Army.

The Modi government has shown its adherence to the fascist Brahminical apartheid recently when it declared that all Rohingyas, nearly 40,000 of them, who are now living in India as refugees will be forcefully deported back to Myanmar. It will be like the anti-Semitist wave in the US forcing the ships carrying Jews who fled from the persecution of Hitler in Germany, during the Nazi era, to return back.

The deportation of the hapless Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar will mean handing them over to the butchers, to be mercilessly slaughtered, raped, violated and even burned alive. These atrocities by the Myanmar Army doesn’t trouble the Brahminical Indian ruling clique as they want to experiment similar ghastly repression on the Muslims in lower Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. The BJP is now fond of the Myanmar Army that is not at all answerable to the people of Myanmar and had directly ruled the country for decades with iron hands.

Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muslim-killer, kept her agenda straight during the meeting, i.e. of seeking the Indian support for the ghastly violence and the gory atrocities, the ongoing one and those to be committed in the near future by her US-sponsored regime in the Rakhine province. Suu Kyi was quoted by The Telegraph as saying,

“We would like to thank India particularly for its strong that it has taken with regard to terrorist threat that came to our country a couple of weeks ago, (sic).”

“We believe that together we can work to make sure that terrorism is not allowed to take root on our soil.”

Suu Kyi’s appreciation of the Modi government and the usage of the verbiage that portrays the Rohingya Muslims, who have been living in the Rakhine province for centuries but are denied civil rights, as terrorists, completes the circle by joining the dots. The Hindutva terror factory, which plans and executes terror attacks against the Muslims, Christians and marginal people, has been hand-in-glove with the Buddhist fascists like Wirathu, who led a large-scale anti-Muslim massacre in the country in 2012. They are the same forces who are helping Suu Kyi in formulating the most heinous genocide programmes of the 21st century.

It’s the Hindutva terror fountainhead’s training and vitriol against Muslims, which the Buddhist fascist forces are replicating in Myanmar, under state patronage, to manage the mass perception of the majority Buddhist community. A large section of the rural and urban Buddhists are subjected to discombobulation over the issue of Rohingya Muslims, whom the Myanmar government is calling Bangladeshi interlopers since ages. Under the banner of “nationalism,” the Buddhist fascist leaders like Wirathu are peddling virulent slanders and malicious campaigns to project the Rohingya Muslims in the darkest possible shades.

Suu Kyi, as reported by the New Indian Express, equated her government’s involvement in the Rakhine province as India’s involvement in Kashmir. While she told Narendra Modi, on record, that her government is keen to learn from Modi’s Hindutva fascist government -the secret recipe of violently suppressing large-scale mass outrages with impunity and using the weapon of jingoism and xenophobia to cover up grave crimes against humanity, as Indian regime is doing in Kashmir since years.

While equating the issue of the beleaguered Rohingya community’s struggle in Rakhine with the people’s struggle in Kashmir, Suu Kyi tried to equate two diametrically opposite struggles by playing the anti-Muslim card, most dear to the ruling classes of India and its Hindutva-incensed sycophants. The people of Kashmir are fighting for freedom from Indian occupation, their struggle is purely a struggle for their right to self-determination, for their right to establish their own identity sans the “Indian” tag, while the Rohingyas, through their militant outfits like ARSA, are struggling to force the government of Myanmar to accept them as an integral part of the multi-ethnic country and give them citizen rights of Myanmar and the Rohingyas, at no point in time, demanded a secession from Myanmar.

Recent news reveals that the Myanmar government is mining the Bangladesh border to prevent the Rohingyas from fleeing the violence-hit Rakhine province. This type of use of landmines by a state’s military to kill civilians fleeing from a war-zone or violence-hit area is a crime against humanity and is also against the protocols set by the UN on the use of landmines and booby traps.

Narendra Modi heads a country that is since attempting to get a permanent seat at the UN Security Council to appease the military ambitions of the big comprador capitalists like Tata, Ambani, Adani and other corporate groups. A country like India that wants to be in the Security Council must condemn, officially and in the most harshest terms, and take strong actions against any attempts by a rogue state’s military to carry out genocides against its people and the blatant use of landmines and booby traps to kill civilians fleeing from a violence-ravaged place, a crime that goes against the SOP set by the UN.

Despite the news of Myanmar’s fascist army mining the Bangladesh border flashing and the Suu Kyi-led government accepting it, saying that it’s doing it to “prevent the return of the Rohingyas from Bangladesh,” Narendra Modi and his government chose to overlook the issue. This silent support to a gross human right violation and war crime committed by the rogue army of Myanmar’s fascist government shows the complicity of the Modi government in this very evildoing.

The Rohingya Muslims are resisting the attempt by the Buddhist fascist Myanmar government and its army to annihilate the entire community and their nefarious plan to push the Rohingyas out of the Rakhine province and turn the place into a settler-colony by usurping the land of the Rohingyas. Aung San Suu Kyi, the lapdog of US imperialist interest in South-East Asia, is a chieftain of this scheme, this barbaric genocide of the Rohingya Muslims. Except for murmuring and limited condemnation by state players, subtle concern raising by the UN, no major powers of the world took any affirmative action to stop the Myanmar government.

Narendra Modi’s meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi has reaffirmed the Brahminical Indian state’s support to the genocide of Rohingya Muslims and it needs a serious and all-round condemnation in India. The struggles waged by different progressive and democratic forces in support of the Rohingya Muslims in India must also turn their spearhead against the Modi regime for its overt support to the war crimes committed by Myanmar Army.

It’s only the united solidarity struggle of the Indian people, the oppressed and exploited people of Myanmar and the Rohingya Muslims that the perpetrators of this heinous crime, committed as part of a large conspiracy hatched by the US-puppet regime of Suu Kyi, can be punished according to international laws and the lives of the persecuted Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and India can be saved. The call of the hour is for a march towards such a stage of solidarity struggle against religious fascism, apartheid and genocide.

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