American Phoney “War Against Terror”

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(This article was first published in June 2015 in the previous version of People’s Review. Due to an incident of hacking the old website was pulled down and we could only restore the old articles in this section)

The US government has earned itself the title of the largest terror exporting incorporated body in the world. New declassified documents provided by Judicial Watch proved that the Obama administration replicated the same strategy that the Carter-Reagan regime religiously followed during the cold war years, especially in Afghanistan, by supporting the build up of the IS brand of Sunni terrorism to overthrow the Assad government from Damascus. With the gradual growth of the IS terror web across Middle East Asia, with random attacks on European cities, the US government played a safe game of pitting the Shiite community against the Sunni’s in Iraq, similar to their strategy during their war to oust ex President Saddam Hussain from Iraq.

Earlier the Kurdish were too used by the US government in its long term interest to gain access to all key oil producing regions of Middle East Asia, however, the growth of a powerful Kurdish people’s struggle that stands against the domination of the American ally Turkey, forced the Americans to seek different channels to ignite flames of unrest in the Middle Eastern Countries. Their one time intern and agent Ibrahim Baghdadi (now known as Al Baghdadi, the self styled Caliph of Muslims) was recruited by the US secret service to further their interests in the Iraqi state, and later to stir up trouble in Syria. However, the over ambitious Baghdadi broke away from the parent body – Al Qaeda and founded his own terror organisation, which has earned the title of the most notorious and violent terror outfit in the contemporary history.

The compulsion of ousting Syrian President from power and establish a puppet regime in Damascus made the US government build up an anti government armed unit that started fighting the Assad government since 2012. The Syrian nation was torn by sectarian and anti government terror strikes, and the nation under international sanctions imposed by war lord USA forced the government of Assad to escalate resistance against the US backed so called ‘liberation struggle’.

The declassified documents shows that the military intelligence officials of the USA had also warned that stretching the Syrian civil war too much through the puppet organisations will cause adverse effect on the fragile puppet government in neighboring Iraq. The intelligence analysis predicted that such a situation could lead to al-Qaida in Iraq (AQII) returning especially in the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Ramadi.

The DIA report also predicted that ISIS would declare a caliphate through its affiliation with other terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, including members of what the Obama administration terms “core al-Qaida” to differentiate it from offshoots such as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

The now declassified document appears to confirm that the U.S., the European Union and other nations viewed ISIS as “a strategic asset toward regime change in Syria.” As a result parts of Iraq have been in chaos since ISIS began to cross the Syrian border in early June 2014.

The Americans have stayed far away from combating the growing menace of Islamic State militants, despite having an official policy of fighting terror outfits across the world, under the guise of which they attacked and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq to install puppet regimes there. This reluctance of the Obama administration clearly proves that the US government is someway or other hand in glove with the terror outfit, and their limited air strikes against the IS terrorists were more aimed at common people than Baghdadi’s forces.

On Wednesday, 10th June 2015, the American administration took a decision to station troops in Iraq to train more Iraqi army and recruit Sunni tribes. This will again escalate the antagonism between the two communities of Iraqis who are forced into hostility by the US government. The decision also has a declaration to expand its base in Turkey, which will be used by the US to safeguard its hegemonic interests in the region, especially to fuel one after another coup in the Syrian state.

The Saudi king and his counterparts from the monarchical regimes of Arab land have joined the league with their US masters to farther the agenda of the American monopoly capital to gain total control of Syria. The Saudi wahabi rulers have their own historic reason of supporting Jihadi organisations like Al Nusra, and others, so that they can counter balance the growth of Iranian influence in Middle East Asian politics.

The IS will continue to work under the direction of the Washington-Riyadh-Tel Aviv nexus, which aims at isolating Iran from supporting Syria and combat Hezbollah guerillas, and check the growth of YPG forces of Kurdish resistance, both fighting vehemently the Islamic State terror units and their fanatic forces.

The threats of terror that looms large on the world is fuelled by the US government and the American monopoly capital’s heist for global hegemony through all possible means, as the monopoly capital in this crisis ridden era can only survive by extracting super profit from countries that falls within their neo colonial net. In carrying forward the phoney war against terror the American rulers will always pit one community against another and cause grave consequences in the satellite states. The corporate controlled media shamelessly conceals the truth from the public and keeps on publishing fantasy stories of American victory against terror modules.

The progressive and democratic forces of middle east, that oppose both US domination as well as religious extremist domination sponsored by US-Saudi-Israel nexus can only play the major part in bringing the much required change in the politics of Middle East Asia. Unless the democratic and progressive forces hasten their struggle against US domination and its terror pawns, the Middle East Asian crisis cannot be resolved.

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