The Butcher’s Paradise: Analysing the India Tour of Benjamin Netanyahu


An average Indian news consumer knows that there is a good pious man, who is a good friend of Narendra Modi and he visited India with a 130-member-strong entourage to sell a basketful of stuff to his friends here and to build up a strong tie between his government and that of Narendra Modi’s. The strong social influencers like film actors, fat pay-cheque-earning journalists, writers, artists and several cultural personalities greeted the man and his wife with pleasantries and everyone hyped the relationship knitted by Narendra Modi and that man from a “promised land” called Israel. This is exactly how the corporate-controlled mainstream America-loving toady media described the India visit of the insouciant butcher of Palestinian men, women and children, the ring-leader of the Zionist terrorist force that kills, rapes, jails and maims Palestinian people en masse, the war criminal no. 2 (only after the US) and one of the most dangerous terrorists alive on earth – Benjamin Netanyahu.

A scum like Netanyahu, who is facing corruption charges at home, didn’t come to India carrying dubious businessmen, like the executives of the infamous Aeronautics Ltd. along with him to express his gratitude to his good friend Narendra Modi for his unique visit to the Zionist Israeli occupied territory six months back or to show his other love, his wife, the magnificent marvel of creativity, Taj Mahal, commissioned by a Muslim monarch and loathed by Netanyahu’s Hindutva lackeys. This venomous serpent, the idol whom the Hindutva fascists worship day-in and out after Donald Trump, came to India with a single-track agenda – to bag a greater chunk of Indian military and other business deals by throwing kickbacks at the Zionist lackey Hindutva camp and its obedient deal broker bureaucrats. He came to plunder India by mesmerising the majority community with bigotry-blended rhetoric.

As a loyal Zionist lackey, Narendra Modi is forming a new, aggressive and unholy alliance with the Zionist terrorist Netanyahu by surpassing the level of engagements of the past to make India one of the most obedient and supportive allies of the Zionist Israeli regime. To achieve this goal, the Modi regime is even undoing India’s lip service to the cause of Palestinian liberation struggle following the doctrine of Nehruvian diplomacy. Modi and his coterie are trying to ensure that Netanyahu and his cohorts earn the maximum possible profit from India and hence they are eager to throw open more gates of opportunity for the Zionist terrorists. Therefore, this visit by Netanyahu was important in order to strengthen the new, wicked relationship that is under construction and to allow the Zionist Israeli rulers to plunder India and its exchequer with impunity.

In this flagitious endeavour, Narendra Modi would need the wholehearted support of the majority of the Indian upper-caste Hindu elites and a large section of the urban Hindu middle-class, who form the core of the BJP’s vote bank and are the most influential section of the Indian population, despite being just 20-30 per cent of it. The paranoid upper-caste Hindu elites and upper-middle class, who resides mostly in urban India, have succumbed to the hysteria of Islamophobia that the RSS-led Hindutva camp is incessantly spreading and therefore, as a quite unique race in the world, they uncritically support the Zionist Israeli regime’s brutal oppression of the Palestinian people, calling it an ideal way of suppressing rebellion and demand its replication by the Indian ruling classes in Kashmir, Chhattisgarh or Manipur.

To keep this influential section in a hyperactive xenophobic mode and to trigger their inherent anti-Muslim bigotry by hailing the achievements of the Zionist terrorist Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi’s government arranged many publicity stints of the fascist duo, a replica of Hitler and Mussolini couple, by using a very judicious PR campaign. People were made to believe that the Israeli technology is helping farmers in Gujarat to conserve water, that the children of Gujarat came out voluntarily to sing Hebrew songs and wave the flag with David’s Star that the brethren of mass murderers like Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi gave them, that the Netanyahu regime likes Indians, despite having a state policy that spreads absolute hatred for “gentile” races, especially when it’s about people of black or brown skin colour. Irony took a long leave.

These PR stunts, the endless talks on the threat of “Islamic terrorism”, playing of the victim card by the two mass murderer politicians, the endorsement of genocides, the talk on building a better security coalition, etc. helped the Modi regime and its coterie of upper-caste Hindu elites and super-rich to shroud the utmost corrupt deals signed between the two American lackeys over the unbridled entry of Israeli weapons, technology and services to the Indian market. Narendra Modi personally took the responsibility to secure Zionist Israeli investments in India and promised them higher returns during his reign. The Zionist Israelis promised Modi an unhindered military and political support until the time he wants to remain in power.

By the promises of increasing overall trade between the two countries, increasing investment opportunities, etc. the Modi regime is trying to help the racist, fascist and terrorist Zionist Israeli state to overcome the hurdles created by the growing popularity of the BDS movement. BDS is an international movement to boycott and scrap the goods and products made by the Zionist Israeli regime in the occupied territory of Palestine or is manufactured or sold by those entities that are complicit in the war crimes and genocides of the Zionist regime. The growth of the BDS movement and the participation of crucial and influential personalities in this boycott movement caused severe economic losses to the Zionist Israeli empire since 2016 and thus they are looking for new and stable markets.

With a population of 1.2 billion, India offers one of the biggest markets to the Zionist barbaric rulers and capitalists who are furthering the US imperialist agenda in Middle-East Asia and elsewhere. Despite having a clandestine relationship with the Wahhabi Saudi monarchy, the Zionist Israeli regime is absolutely isolated in the Middle-East and the increase of trade with India, which is only 4,000 aeronautical miles away from their occupied territory, will help their fortunes to rise and also to secure their long-term political, economic and supplementary diplomatic interests in South Asia. The Indian market and Indian resources will act as an antidote for the Zionist Israeli terrorists who have suffered to some extent due to the growth of the BDS movement.

Driven by their shared ideology of anti-Muslim bigotry, the zealot Hindutva fascist Modi regime has completely underestimated how expensive it will be for India to embrace a terrorist state like the Zionist Israel. To hoodwink the people with the rhetoric of strengthening India’s interest with the help of a terrorist regime, the Indian Hindutva camp has created, with the support of the Indian state machinery and its intellectual prowess, a narrative around the same predicament on which the Zionist Israeli regime thrives and kills the Muslim and Christian Arabs of Palestine.

Despite being a part of an organisation whose ideologue praised Hitler for the persecution of Jews and advocated the same methods to be applied against Indian Muslims and Christians, the Hindutva camp has forged strong alliance with the Zionist Israeli regime throughout the history of its existence by utilising the areas of common interest- cultural and racial imperialism, totalitarian rule of the comprador and crony capitalists, being the flag bearers of the US imperialism, bigotry, Islamophobia and anti-communist ideological inclination. We have discussed it in details in this article.

The Modi government glorified the Zionist Israeli barbaric oppression on Palestinian people when it endorsed the “human shield” tactics used by the Zionist forces in Palestine and replicated the model in Kashmir by training the Brahminical Indian occupation forces.  By showing India as a vulnerable “mother” who is alone and is in a perilous situation, surrounded by hostile evil “Muslim” and “communist” neighbours who want to violate her and enslave her, the Hindutva camp built the need of a macho hero who will come to the rescue of the mother. We don’t know whether the Zionists published a children’s book depicting Benjamin as the hero, but the Hindutva fascists, of course, did that.

India is, unfortunately, at the stage of becoming another Zionist Israel, where the killing of innocent civilians by the armed forces will go unchallenged, rape and murder of Muslims will be celebrated, the minority communities and anyone considered “other”, racially or religiously, by the majoritarian mob, will be disenfranchised and their citizen rights seized. Assam is already showing a lot of progress on this Hindu Zion move, killing Muslims with impunity is now a glorious act in Rajasthan and Karnataka. India is taking this dangerous turn under Modi’s rule and Netanyahu visited India to oversee this transformation into another “zion” of the Sanskritised Brahminical race.

What will the Zionist Israeli regime gain from India? Well, it’s evident that the Zionist Israeli regime is merely a pawn of the US imperialism’s attempt to drive away the Russian arms dealers from the Indian military hardware market and monopolise the sector behind which the consecutive reactionary Indian regimes have been spending more money vis-a-vis education, healthcare or social welfare. Defence expenses are kept out of the purview of the Indian public and the RTI inquiries, through the ultra-nationalist rhetoric that places the armed forces and their business at the sanctum sanctorum, to protect the greater interests of the military-industrial complex of the US and its Zionist Israeli allies. Thus there are a lot of opportunities to make an immense profit from defence deals in India.

The Indian ruling classes, represented by the Narendra Modi-led Hindutva fascist camp, is constantly fuelling the fire of chauvinism and xenophobia through a multitude of channels to shape the opinion of the majority Hindu community in favour of a war with the neighbouring Pakistan and China. In this effort, the Indian Brahminical ruling classes, inspired by their Zionist Israeli allies and American masters, keep on vilifying the Indian Muslim community, one of the largest in the world, showing them identical with the principal enemy of “Indian nationalism” – Pakistan. The narrative that the Indian Muslims have loyalty towards Pakistan has been a pre-dominant political engine that propelled the growth of the Sangh Parivar in Indian politics.

This anti-Muslim hysteria that affects 90 per cent of the upper-caste Hindus and also a large-section of Dalits and backward caste Hindus, helps the Brahminical ruling class of India to project “Islamic terrorism” as the major threat to India’s integrity and thereby, exploit the xenophobia to initiate small and medium-size skirmishes with the Pakistani and Chinese forces and use the opportunity to order more arms and ammunition from the Zionist Israeli regime, the US and other Western powers whom the US endorses.

One of the main reasons of this hysteria creation is that the more such hysteria becomes viral, the more the perception built around the chivalry of the Zionist Israeli regime and its replica, the Modi regime, can be transmitted throughout the majority community’s length and breadth. By glorifying the Zionist Israeli aggression on countries like Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, apart from its daily massacres in Palestine, the Modi government has adopted the policy of “surgical strikes” along the LoC in Kashmir as a state policy. By using a fake, macho image of itself, which claims that alike Zionist Israel the Hindutva-occupied India also chases and kills its enemies, the Modi regime is legitimising the unethical, inhuman and barbaric practices adopted by the Zionist Israel and condemned globally, as the new normal. This is a clear misfortune for India, but a boon for arms dealers.

The more people the Hindutva fascists belonging to the RSS and its numerous progeny can brainwash to support the Zionist Israeli terrorism, the more are the chances of building a strong support for the procurement of Zionist Israeli and American weapons vis-a-vis the Russian substandard weaponry for the much-hailed Indian military establishment. Thanks to the effective PR stint around Netanyahu’s visit that despite scrapping the $500 million Rafale Anti-Tank Missile deal, the Indian Defence Ministry and the different audit bodies are looking for a chance to reintroduce the deal and pass it through hook or crook, without brainstorming too much about saving their skin from corruption allegations. Narendra Modi knows better how to distract mass attention from burning issues.

This $500 million Rafale Anti-Tank deal is a very important one for the economic growth of the Zionist Israeli military-industrial complex and according to reports from the Reuters, the Zionist terror network of Israel has confirmed that the Indian government is rethinking to pass the deal under-the-table, thanks to the pressure exerted by Netanyahu-Modi alliance and the US imperialist watchdogs operating in the corridors of North and South Blocks of Raisina Hills. Thus, national interest and corruption allegations will take a backseat while the hyper-nationalist, RSS-trained “patriotic” Modi government will ensure that the nation’s public exchequer is emptied to appease their Zionist Israeli allies.

According to an AFP report, quoted by the BBC, at present the Israeli defence business volume in India is of $1 billion and the Zionist forces are hopeful to expand the volume under Modi’s rule. Though the Nehruvian hollow Non-Alignment policy made the Indian ruling classes show since the 1950s that it didn’t bow to Zionist Israel and supports the Palestinian liberation struggle, the  governments of Nehru, Shastri and Indira Gandhi bought weapons from the Zionist terrorists numerous times since India’s aggression against socialist China in 1962. Ideology or convictions never took any position to determine the nation’s policies, as, like any other American neo-colonies, the Indian ruling classes are also driven by a single-point agenda – loot and plunder the country’s wealth and the labour of the common people.

With the signing of defence deals worth $2 billion, the Zionist Israeli terrorists are already India’s top arms supplier since 2017. The Hindutva fascist Modi regime and the Zionist Israeli terrorists have also forged a strategic alliance to manufacture small arms. Now the Zionist Israelis want to use their clout over the Hindutva camp and Narendra Modi to expand the trade relations, through the Free Trade Agreement, which will virtually lift the limits on trading of commodities between the capitalists of these two countries, to make Zionist Israel one of India’s top-most trade partners. The Zionist Israeli regime is actually consolidating the neo-colonial rule of the US on India by becoming Pentagon’s and Wall Street’s watchdog. They will also play a crucial role in helping, though in vain, the Indian rulers annihilate its opposition, kill the protesting people in Kashmir and elsewhere and destroy the resistance movements waged by the poor against its fascist rule.

The Indian states, especially the Hindutva fascist BJP and RSS-ruled states like Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, have already expanded their partnership with the Zionist terrorist Israeli state on fields like agriculture, science and technology, manufacturing, etc. The initiatives taken under the Vajpayee regime are reaping the benefits now, which are becoming fruits in the platters of the Zionist Israelis and their Hindutva fascist lackeys. Though there are severe apprehensions over the anti-Muslim flavour of the unholy alliance between the Zionist Israeli and Hindutva fascism-occupied India, there is no concrete vision on part of the opposition to defeat this unholy alliance. Their meek opposition is capitalised by the corporate-controlled mainstream media, which wants to see the relationship reach heights of success.

Muslim killing is in the DNA of the Hindutva bigots led by Narendra Modi and his sycophants, who all are on the good book of the CIA and the US ruling classes. To further the imperialist ambition of the US and its Zionist Israeli bootlickers, the Indian ruling classes will do everything at its disposal, except for UN at the voting, in some occasions, to show that it still supports the Palestinians. In lieu of a share of the booty, these heinous enemies of the Indian people, along with the entire Zionist Israeli fan club consisting of the upper-caste Hindu elites, influencers, etc. will sell off the country to the most notorious power on earth. To legitimise this selling and to minimise people’s resistance, they will incite communal violence by spreading vitriol against the Muslims and Christians.

Shalom Modi or Shalom India by the Zionist regimes must be countered at every step with the counter slogan of Palestine Zindabad, which the activists from different democratic and progressive anti-fascist bodies raised against the visiting Zionist Israeli terrorist’s tour throughout India. The protests this time surpassed the intensity and the fervour of the protests held during the India-visit of Netanyahu’s father-figure, the most despised Zionist terrorist – Ariel Sharon. Despite the high amount of security cordons, police repression and the bullying by the intelligence agents, the activist protesters weren’t cowed. Netanyahu didn’t have the courage to face them, alike Modi and other fascists, he too prefers cowardice when facing public wrath.

It’s the duty of the anti-fascist patriotic forces, the broad democratic, progressive and anti-capitalist forces, to strongly resist the attempts of the corporate media and the ruling classes to whitewash the crimes of the Zionist and Hindutva fascists using the rhetoric of growth, development and realpolitik. It’s the time to arouse the people of India, the broad masses of workers, peasants and toiled people, the oppressed masses from the Dalit, Muslim, tribal, Christian and backward castes to extend their solidarity to the people of Palestine in their just struggle for liberation and assist them by intensifying the struggle to liberate India from the clutches of the Hindutva fascist rule of Narendra Modi and the BJP. It’s only by defeating the Hindutva fascist camp of Modi that the people of India will be able to defeat the Zionist criminals like Netanyahu and their American masters. Salam Palestine will surely overlap Shalom Zionism.

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